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January 16th, 2023

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SHOT Show 2023 — Industry Day at the Range

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

Industry Day at the Range is a unique event. Gun industry representatives are able to view, inspect, and shoot scores of new rifles, shotguns, and pistols provided by 200+ manufacturers from around the globe. In addition, new optics and shooting accessories are on display. Hundreds of media members and other gun industry personnel visited the Boulder City, Nevada gun range on 1/16/23 to test a wide variety of new firearms. There were many notable new products, with new rifles, pistols, and optics on display.

Conditions this year at the range were pretty brutal. It was cold, and there were wicked, 20+ mph winds. Still most of the shooting was at targets inside 50 yards so those breezes didn’t stop the show. It did make it more challenging to hit the longer range targets set up on the upper rifle bay.

Wicked Winds at the Range
New Henry Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle

Featured Products for SHOT Show 2023

SIG Sauer’s MCX-Spear will soon be available to purchase. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce was impressed with this advanced tactical rifle, which is a semi-auto version of the full-auto platform that won the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract with the U.S. military. MSRP for the MXC-Spear is $4199.00. It will initially be offered in .308 Winchester, and then 6.5 Creedmoor soon after. A few months later, the new .277 SIG chambering should be available. This looks like an AR, but because it has a gas piston (rather than direct impingement), it needs no AR-type buffer tube. This allows a handy folding stock. The MCX-Spear also has a convenient side charging handle. Watch Pearce shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor MCX-Spear starting at 3:20 time-mark. NOTE: Video and photo from previous SIG Sauer product demo day.

The all-new Oracle Arms 2311 has features derived from the classic 1911 platform, but modernized in many ways. Will this be a game changer? Only time will tell. The Hunt Fish Shoot Channel testers state “a completely ambidextrous 2011-style pistol with P320 magazines is something to get excited about!”

The new Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is an American-made semi-automatic tactical shotgun for under $1000. The A300 series carries forward many features of the popular Beretta 1301, but with a redesigned operating system and lower price tag. This was filmed at the Special Beretta 2023 Range Day.

In this TFBTV video, James Reeves tests the new SIG P320 AXG Comp Legion, an aluminum framed, compensated version of the SIG P320, optics ready and in the Legion format. NOTE: This test was done at the SIG Sauer range day which proceeded the full Industry Range Day.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
One of the best things about Industry Day at the Range is the FREE Ammo provided by Federal and other manufacturers. Rifle, pistol, shotgun — the ammo is ALL FREE.

media industry day range boulder rifle pistol club las vegas nevada shot show 2023 nssf
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REPEAT Performance — Savage Impulse Elite Precision Rifle

Media Day at the Range GunsAmerica Digest 2022

As we recently featured Savage’s straight-pull Impulse Elite Precision rifle in our Daily Bulletin, we are reprising a video from Range Day 2022. GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce tested the Impulse Elite Precision at the Savage range booth. Pearce confirmed that the straight-pull action can, with a little practice, definitely increase rifle cycling speed: “It’s much faster to chamber follow-up shots, and stay on target. Even novice shooters can chamber a second shot much faster than with a standard rotating bolt.” Here is his video report:

Zeiss Optics industry day range
Impressive Zeiss optics were on display in 2023, as shown here in 2020.

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