SHOT 2023: Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun By: Kat Ainsworth


Whether you’re just getting into 3-gun or are a seasoned competitor looking for a new match gun, you’re probably aware of just how much work it can take to make a shotgun race-ready. The Stoeger M3K 3-Gun shotgun is designed to make things easier by delivering a race-ready platform, right out of the box. This 12 gauge shotgun boasts a bevy of features meant to make it your next favorite competition gun, all in a reliable, well-made package.

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stoeger m3k 3 gun shotgun
The Stoeger M3K 3-Gun shotgun is designed to be race ready right out of the box. (Photo credit: Stoeger)

According to Stoeger, the M3K is made with 3-gunners in mind and gives them a compact, lightweight, maneuverable shotgun. The gun maker states this gun is, indeed, competition-ready. The M3K 3-Gun Model is based on the trusted M3K line and fine-tuned to meet the needs of dedicated 3-gun competitors.

stoeger shotgun
The shotgun has oversized controls to make it easier to operate during competition. (Photo credit: Stoeger)

Stoeger’s new M3K 3-Gun Model has a black matte synthetic stock with nicely contrasting blue anodized features, including the aluminum bolt release and aluminum bolt handle. It’s competition-ready and is made with a variety of features that are usually in the realm of higher-priced models, but Stoeger has managed to make it happen at a more affordable price point.

The M3K 3-Gun has a triad of components to facilitate smooth, fast operation, giving you your best time yet. The 12-gauge shotgun has a 3-inch chamber, so you can run either 2 3/4- or 3-inch loads comfortably and reliably thanks to the gun’s Inertia Driven System. Other features include an oversized safety, a custom elongated carrier, and an enlarged loading port that’s been beveled for faster reloads.

stoeger loading port
An enlarged, beveled loading port makes reloads smoother and faster. (Photo credit: Stoeger)

This shotgun has improved grip ergonomics and a slim profile, making it highly maneuverable and intuitive to handle. Stoeger made this shotgun for speed and comfort and added features to make it all possible. This includes a new recoil pad to absorb shock and an integrated cheek pad for a more secure cheek weld. The gun’s design gives shooters a clear view down the vented rib, which is meant to draw the eye to the point of aim—a red-bar front sight. Also included is a shim kit to adjust the fit to the shooter and three chokes in C, IC, and M.

stoeger inertia driven system
The gun features Stoeger’s Inertia Driven System. (Photo credit: Stoeger)

Features of the Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun include:

  • 12 gauge.
  • 3-inch chamber, so both 2-3/4-inch and 3-inch shotshells can be used.
  • 24-inch barrel length.
  • Overall length of 45.75 inches.
  • Average empty weight of 6.9 pounds.
  • Magazine capacity of 4 +1.
  • Red-bar front sight.
  • Vented rib to draw the eye straight to the front sight for better point of aim and rapid target acquisition.
  • Length of pull 14 3/8 inches.
  • Drop at heel is 2 1/2 inches.
  • Drop at comb is 1 1/2 inches.
  • Includes C, IC, and M choke tubes.
  • Black synthetic finish.
  • Oversized controls for easier operation.

MSRP for the Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun is set at $669.00.