SHOT 2023: Safariland SafariVault Duty Holsters By: Kat Ainsworth


A good duty holster provides superior retention while delivering on the usual holster-related fronts including protecting the trigger guard, being impressively durable, and offering a reasonably comfortable carry design. The new Safariland SafariVault line of duty holsters is designed to do all that, and more. It’s crush-resistant, compatible with numerous weapon-mounted lights, and features the company’s proven ALS system, redesigned for even greater performance. This duty holster is worth considering whether you’re using a member of law enforcement or a gun owner looking for a more solid, trustworthy holster option.

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safariland safarivault duty holster
The Safariland SafariVault Duty Holster is designed to offer superior retention. (Photo credit: Safariland)

According to Safariland, this line of duty holsters delivers the strongest holster body the company has ever made. In addition, it’s a highly adaptable design that can be used with lights and optics.

Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland, said, “The needs of our law enforcement partners continue to evolve. To meet these new requirements, SafariVault has been designed for uncompromising strength. SafariVault also incorporates the adaptability our customers require for the use of an ever-expanding array of lights and optics without sacrificing any of the defining performance that has made Safariland the industry leader in firearm retention for almost six decades.”

safariland duty holster
The company states the SafariVault is crush resistant to a minimum of 300 pounds. (Photo credit: Safariland)

Safariland improved its proven ALS design to decrease flex and increase crush resistance for the SafariVault. In fact, this holster is rated as crush resistant to a minimum of 300 pounds. Protection from impact and element-rated damage is enhanced with internal locking components.

SafariVault features an all-new self-clearing optic cover the company states is compatible with both closed and open emitter optics. Also new is a superior trigger guard stabilization mechanism which offers a greater level of stability and protection to the trigger of the gun. This holster has an open muzzle which means it will work with guns with threaded barrels, compensators, or other muzzle devices.

SafariVault duty holster
The holster has an open muzzle design. (Photo credit: Safariland)

Features of the Safariland SafariVault Duty Holster include:

  • Redesigned ALS system.
  • Crush resistant to a minimum of 300 pounds.
  • Compatible with a variety of weapon-mounted lights and optics.
  • Redesigned thumb release for easier operation.
  • Additional magazine clearance.
  • Magnetic slide guidance system to facilitate holstering.
  • Self-clearing optic cover.
  • Compatible with Safariland 3-hole pattern accessories to maximize carry options.
  • Available for the Glock 17, 19, 34, 45, and 47, Sig P320 and P320C X-frame and standard frame.
  • Safariland states there is zero side-to-side play.
  • Intuitive design for those familiar with the company’s duty holsters.
  • Operational thermal window of -50° F to 150° F.
  • Axon signal device compatible.

MSRP for the Safariland SafariVault Duty Holster is not known at this time.