[SHOT 2023] Remington’s New 360 Buckhammer Cartridge By: Hrachya H


Remington Ammunition has released a new hunting cartridge at SHOT Show 2023 – the 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR). It’s a .358 caliber straight-walled cartridge created by necking up and blowing out the .30-30 Winchester case. The 360 BHMR is advertised as being better than the .30-30 Win in terms of muzzle velocity, retained energy, drop and recoil. Being a rimmed cartridge, the 360 Buckhammer is perfect for lever action rifles, and Henry Repeating Arms has already launched three side gate lever guns as well as a single-shot rifle chambered in this cartridge.

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The straight-wall cartridge that flattens them all. A knock-down, drag-out lever gun leader in straight-wall cartridge performance, 360 BHMR delivers flat trajectories and more bone-busting energy and velocity out to 200 yards than the rest.

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Remington will initially offer two loads of the 360 Buckhammer cartridge with 180-grain and 200-grain Core-Lokt SP bullets traveling at 2,399 fps and 2,217 fps muzzle velocities respectively. Federal will also offer 360 Buckhammer ammunition loaded with 180-grain and 200-gr Power-Shok bullets as well as options (unknown at the moment) in their HammerDown line. Both loads of Remington Core-Lokt and Federal Power-Shok 360 BHMR ammunition will have the same MSRP of $36.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

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The 200-grain bullet loads of the 360 Buckhammer look to be pretty much identical to the .375 Winchester. Of course, the new cartridge has a smaller caliber and its bullets should have better BC and SD but that’s probably irrelevant for the hunting distances it is designed to be used at. Time will tell whether the 360 Buckhammer will become the next best thing after 30-30 or be forgotten like the .375 Win.

For more information on 360 Buckhammer, visit Remington Ammunition’s webpage dedicated to the new cartridge.

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