Pro Ledge Offers Speed and Accuracy for P365 — SHOT Show 2023 By: Levi Sim

There’s a version of the Pro Ledge for just about every P365 combination, and it’ll help you become a better shooter.

Competitive pistol shooters use a variety of devices to give their off-hand thumb a distinct position. The shooter gets a better grip that helps with accuracy and keeps the gun on target better.

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Tactical Development’s Pro Ledge provides this sort of control for the P365. TD started by creating a rail that converts from SIG’s proprietary P365 rail to a standard Picatinny rail, which allows a greater variety of lights to fit on the P365.

Your thumb will naturally rest on the Pro Ledge.

The Pro Ledge was a natural next step. The ledge helps you maximize a thumbs-forward grip by giving your thumb a place to push to keep the muzzle pointed toward the target.

By pressing with your thumb, you’ll keep the muzzle on target better and have a better grip.

Tactical Development’s Pro Ledge is made from composite and there are several models to accommodate all options, including lights and rail conversions. It is available now for about $49.

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