Opening Days: SHOT Show 2023 By: Travis Pike


Before I leave for SHOT, I always ensure my smart watch is fully charged. Why? Well, not just for its convenience, but because I like seeing how many steps I get. I often set new records yearly, and if it’s not saved via smartwatch, did it really happen? The best piece of advice I can give to new SHOT goers is to bring comfy shoes. SHOT Show is made up of miles of aisles. At his point, it occupies three different massive rooms.

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SHOT Show 2023

According to the NSSF, this year’s SHOT Show is made up of 13.9 miles of aisles. That’s more than half a marathon if I have my math right. The National Shooting Sports Foundation hosts SHOT yearly, most commonly in Las Vegas. This will be my 8th SHOT Show, and every year it gets bigger. Last year they expanded into the new Caesar’s forum, and it’s seemingly gotten even bigger this year.

SHOT Show 2023

SHOT is the largest show held at the Venetian, and the event occupies 800,000 square feet. Just for fun, do you know how many F-16 jets you could park in that amount of space? You can park 547 jets in that space. There is your daily SHOT Show trivia.

This isn’t an American-centric event. Citizens from over 115 different countries pop in to buy, sell, and display their wares. It’s made up of over 2,400 exhibitors. SHOT goes from Tuesday to Friday, with the Industry Day At The Range occurring the Monday prior.

The POV Of An Attendee

That’s all fine and dandy and might paint part of the picture but not the full picture. As an attendee, it can be downright intimidating. It’s massive and seemingly goes on forever. It can be easy to get lost going from the Glock to the Springfield booth.

SHOT Show 2023

Booths sometimes stand two stories tall and are impressive. It’s not just gun’s slapped on a table but displays that seem impossible to have built only a few days or even hours before. This includes everything from display cases to impressive backlighting, TVs showing the guns in action, and beyond.

It’s truly impressive what these companies do, both big and small, to make the show magnificent and easily oriented for shooters to examine, handle, and appreciate the latest and greatest guns on the market.

Every adventure starts with one first step, but SHOT Show ends after about 20K a day!