New Triggers from TriggerTech for Duty and Competition — SHOT Show 2023 By: Jeff Cramblit


Triggertech is known for amazing triggers for bolt guns and AR-style rifles.

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Now, they have expanded the lineup to include new AR Duty drop-in triggers and a new single-stage Diamond trigger for competition. Both models offer a great feel and a clean break.

The Duty line in diecast housing offers a significant upgrade over cheaper stock triggers.

The AR Duty triggers are in response to law enforcement and military requests for a trigger with a lower price point and a heavier first stage that still carried the Triggertech feel and quality.

The Duty triggers are a fixed pull weight of 3.5 lbs and have slightly more overtravel and reset, but retain a zero creep take up. The Duty triggers are offered in both single-stage or a two-stage design, and feature a diecast housing with 440C stainless steel internal components.

The Duty Line is offered in curved or flat trigger options.

The base price of the Performance line was around $235 and the new Duty product line has a base price of $129.99, a significant saving for those who want a great trigger but not a true match trigger.

The new Diamond AR trigger is an adjustable drop-in single-stage trigger with a pull weight range of 1.5 to 4.0 lbs, and it is truly a zero-creep, 1.5 lb glass-rod break!

AR Diamond with machined aluminum housing and flat trigger.

The feel when manipulating this trigger is fantastic! It has zero creep, breaks cleanly, has < 0.015” overtravel, and <0.030” travel to reset. So the movement of your finger firing a round and the reset for the next shot is literally 30 thousandths of an inch!

Definitely, the kind of performance you want if you are shooting precision with your AR rifle. Or, if you’re having to break really fast shot-to-shot splits in a 3-Gun competition.

Currently, the AR Diamond is only available for AR-15 rifles but an AR-10 model will be coming soon.

The trigger defines a clean break and reset.

Specifications                         AR15 Diamond                       Duty Line

Pull Weight. 1.5 -4 lbs 3.5 lbs

Overtravel Length                   < 0.015”                                  0.060

Reset Length                           < 0.030                                    0.070

MSRP. $289.99. $129.99

If you are looking for a new trigger for your AR15 be sure to check out the offerings from Triggertech. For more information, visit Triggertech HERE.

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