Hornady RAPiD Safe 4800KP: Secure Firearm Storage By: Jim Davis


Many people like to keep their firearms locked up securely. Those same people often keep firearms around for defensive purposes in the event of an emergency where they need to protect themselves. The quest for a secure container that keeps our guns away from prying fingers also presents the problem of balancing security and quick access. The Hornady Security RAPiD Safe 4800KP offers several speedy opening options while keeping our firearms safe at the same time. Let’s take a closer look.

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Power Sources

The RAPiD Safe is powered by two sources: AC power and four AA batteries.

AC Power Cord

This is the main power source, so we don’t have to constantly use the batteries. The power cord will have to be routed by the user: open the safe and fully extend the lid by removing the cotter pins and cable stops. Remove the foam from the lower compartment and insert the power jack through a hole in the bottom of the safe.  Plug it into the back of the front panel.

This process is extremely fast and easy and allows you to plug the safe into a wall outlet as the main power source. It took me about two minutes to get the cord installed into the safe.

Hornady RAPiD 4800kp safe power adapter
The AC power adapter is seen here, along with the keypad that opens the safe. For portable use or in case the power fails, there is a battery backup.


Four AA batteries are used for mobile use or backup in the event the AC power goes out. No batteries are included, so you will have to buy them. Once the batteries are installed, their power level can be checked, which is a good feature to have, as it lets us know when the batteries need to be replaced.

Hornady advises that good-quality batteries should last about 12 months. I think it’s an excellent idea to use batteries as a backup to the electric source; redundancy is a good thing.

Three Ways to Open the Safe


Hornady’s RAPiD Safe comes with a bracelet that has an RFID chip in it, which can be programmed to open the safe. You merely have to place it near the keypad of the safe and it will unlock the safe.

RFID bracelet
The included RFID bracelet. Place it within one inch of the keypad and it opens the safe.

The safe also comes with a key fob with an RFID, as well as two decals with RFID tags. They can be attached to anything, including the user’s cell phone (or whatever object is handy). They work in the same manner as the bracelet RFID unit—get them close to the keypad of the safe and it opens.

The RFID tags are programmed by pushing a series of buttons on the keypad. Up to five RFID tags can be programmed into the safe. The process is rather simple, and directions are included in the instruction book.

Key Code

Another way to enter the safe is to program a key code into the opening mechanism. The code must be four to six digits. Note that, at any time, the RFID tags and/or key code can be erased and reset, depending on your needs or wants.

As an aside, there are tones that can be turned on or off so that you can hear when the keys are being pushed.

The keypad inside is used for programming the RFID tags and the number combination.


And now for the final way to open the safe: the good, old-fashioned key! The safe comes with two barrel keys.

Now I will admit to being old-fashioned and not of the generation that embraces technology. Yes, I use a laptop because I’m a modern-day writer and a typewriter just wouldn’t be practical these days. That said, my distrust for modern electronics is alive and well, having had my share of gadgets fail over the years.

As such, the key entry method is my favorite mode of opening the safe. It’s simple and fast, and will not fail as batteries and electronics can. Understand, it’s very unlikely that the electric and the batteries will fail simultaneously, but it is what it is. Also, in the event that you forget your entry code, the key will also solve that problem. I’m very glad that they made keys an entry option for this device.


Should you decide to affix the safe to a vehicle or a building, there are options. A tethering cable is included for attaching to a vehicle or even inside luggage if you decide to fly with your firearms.

A tethering cable fits into a cutout in the lid. When the lid is closed, the head is locked into the safe and the loop of the cable can be attached to any solid object like a vehicle, building, or even luggage.

This cable attaches via a small cutout in the lid; insert the head and close the lid to secure the cable inside the safe. Padlock or otherwise secure the looped end to whatever you want to attach the safe to. Simple and easy!

For mounting, there are holes in the back of the safe so it can be mounted in the standard manner to a wall, floor, or another solid object.

All in all, the securing options are a nice plus with this safe and expand its versatility and usefulness.


The storage size of the RAPiD Safe is generous enough to accommodate two reasonably sized handguns; I can easily fit my Glock 19X with the attached weapon-mounted light and Glock 43X into the safe. I imagine it would also accommodate three very small autos such as the Ruger LCP series.

The RAPiD Safe easily holds two Glock pistols. Here, a Glock 19X with weapon-mounted light and a Glock 43X.

The official dimensions are: Interior 7.2 inches x 11 inches x 2.2 inches. It is rated to fit two 1911-sized pistols or one large revolver.


The Hornady Security RAPiD Safe offers a nice solution for those wanting a way to safely secure their pistols while still allowing fast access.

The bracelet offers a very fast and simple method of entry. Although most of the time, for me personally, I can’t see myself wearing the bracelet, as it’s not really my style. More than likely, I will use either the number pad or the barrel key for entry. However, I could see attaching one of the RFID decals to a common object that’s kept nearby as a fast, easy way to gain entry.

The exterior is constructed of thick 14 gauge steel, so it is ready to stand up to significant abuse. When you pick up the safe, it is obvious that the construction is sturdy, as it is fairly heavy.

The interior is padded with foam, so you don’t have to worry about your guns being marred by the safe.

As this is written, the Hornady Security RAPiD Safe 4800KP is available from GunMag Warehouse for $249.99. I believe that represents a very good buy for the peace of mind and security that this safe provides.