Helix 6 Precision Announces SIG CROSS Factory Prefit Barrel Line By: Editor


For Immediate Release – Vancouver, WA – Manufacturer of uncompromising carbon fiber barrels, Helix 6 Precision is pleased to announce the release of Sig Cross factory prefit barrels available in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 308 Win.

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The Helix 6 Precision SIG Cross barrels feature the most advanced composite engineering in the market. Users can simply Install, headspace, and head to the range.  As in all of the Helix 6 Precision barrels, the SIG CROSS barrels feature hand lapped button rifled 416R Stainless steel cores that have been wrapped in carbon fiber using our proprietary process for rigidity, heat dissipation, harmonic dampening, weight reduction, and uncompromising match grade accuracy.

Similar to other popular prefit systems on the market, the Helix 6 Precision SIG Cross barrels can be installed with following tools: Barrel Vice, 3/16 Punch, AR Armorers tool, 1 1/16 – 12 point Box End Wrench, Headspace gauge. This system currently uses factory barrel extensions. 


  • Increased Accuracy from Helix 6 Precision’s proprietary carbon wrap process
  • High carbon/low resin ratio increases thermal dissipation and speeds cooling
  • 50% lighter than a steel barrel of equal contour
  • Unique carbon layup design dampens barrel harmonics for better accuracy
  • Stainless 416R rifled cores provide uniform bore for match grade accuracy
  • Hand lapped bore to reduce fouling and increase accuracy

For more information please visit www.helix6precision.com

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