Home Product Reviews Review: Badlands Detour Hoodie By: Levi Sim

Review: Badlands Detour Hoodie By: Levi Sim

Review: Badlands Detour Hoodie   By: Levi Sim
Badlands’ Detour hoodie is a great addition to your gear-clothing arsenal.

Badlands is well-known for their excellent bino harness, but they also make hunting clothing and backpacks. I’ve been using the Calor jacket and Detour hoodie on several hunts and adventures, and I’m impressed. Badlands’ choice of fabrics and design details come together to make two distinct jackets that both have a firm place in my loadout for Spring, Fall, and Winter hunts.

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Photo from Badlands.

Detour Hoodie

The Detour hoodie is the best new jacket I’ve tried in a long time. It’s designed like a classic hoodie but has some distinct refinements.

Up top, the hood is contoured to fit your head instead of being baggy and floppy. When bow hunting, it stays in place and allows you an unobstructed view all around you. With a ball cap on, the hood looks custom-cut to your head. It turns when you turn and doesn’t leave gaps that create extra shadows.

The Detour hoodie’s body is insulated with a 40g of Primaloft Gold. This is extremely lightweight but very effective at keeping your heat in. The sleeves have a lighter gridded fleece that isn’t bulky, even when you wear it under another jacket. This hoodie is very breathable. Its outer fabric keeps the wind from passing through at full speed, but is not windproof so your sweat can still evaporate. That means that even though I was climbing hills chasing chukars, I wasn’t overheated. The long front zipper allows you to regulate temperature well.

The body of the jacket is quilted with 40g of Primaloft Gold, and the weather-resistant zipper works smoothly.

The outer fabric is smooth and silent. It does a good job of shedding seeds but may still catch a little on thorny serviceberry bushes. It’s not as tough as a noisy softshell, but I’m very happy with its toughness. After several hunts through thick brush, it still looks like new.

There are three features that stand out. Its kangaroo pocket is so useful. I dropped extra shells in it while bird hunting, and I stowed snacks and my gloves and beanie while backpacking.

Next are the thumb holes in the sleeves. I’ve always liked the idea of thumbholes to keep my sleeves down, but in reality, they have never been comfortable. They usually cut off circulation to my thumbs. On the Detour, they are like a slice of the sleeve that opens generously so that even when I wear a light glove, I can use the holes without affecting my grip. This was well done.

The sleeves are lined with a gridded fleece and the cuffs have an excellent thumbhole.

Lastly, the low-cut back keeps it down under my hip belt when I hike, and it keeps me from mooning by buddies when I bend to tend the fire. I don’t why all jackets aren’t made with low cuts back hems, but this is awesome.


I read reviews on Badlands’ site about the fit of their clothes and many people remarked that the clothing fits smaller than expected, so I order a size up. This was a mistake.

I’ve got two jackets, two shirts, and two pairs of pants and they all fit as expected. I normally wear an XL t-shirt, and an XL in this jacket would have been perfect. As it is, the XXL is still comfortable — the cut is regular, and not too slim. If you’ve got a dad-bod like me, you won’t feel like your jacket doesn’t fit.

It also comes in a women’s version.

The women’s version has a more contoured cut. Photo from Badlands.


The Detour Hoodie is available in Badlands’ Approach and Approach FX patterns. I’ve got everything in Approach, which may be my favorite camo pattern. The FX version has less green and it is geared toward winter in hardwoods. But I think the Approach is perfect for everything I hunt in the west from open sage to fir forest. Unlike most patterns, it’s not too dark and doesn’t become a blob of black on the shady side.


There’s only one thing I kinda wish this jacket had that it doesn’t. The Kangaroo pocket is super, but I would like a chest pocket to securely hold a phone. But, that would also add bulk, so I’m content with it as is.

It’s got a kangaroo pouch pass-through pocket in front, but no other pockets.

Highly Recommended

Badlands’ Detour Hoodie fits a niche that no other jacket ever has. It’s midweight, but highly breathable so you’ll stay comfortable even when working hard on a cold day. If you stop to glass or process a critter, throw a rain jacket on top and you’ll be very comfortable. The sleeves follow your movement and don’t inhibit drawing a bow or holding a rifle, while the body isn’t too trimly cut for an average hunter. The camo pattern is excellent. At just $139.99 it won’t break the bank, especially for the wide range of uses you’ll find for it.

Learn more about the Detour Hoodie HERE

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