IPSC-Compliant CZ TS 2 Orange Pistol By: Patti Miller


CZ is a name that is synonymous with precision handguns for competition applications. The company has taken it one step further with its IPSC-centered design for the CZ TS 2 Orange sport pistol. This pistol has been specifically designed for competition shooters and for hobby shooters that want to improve their shooting performance.

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CZ TS 2 Orange pistol
CZ has an IPSC-centered TS 2 Orange pistol designed specifically for competition shooters. The pistol has many key upgrades geared directly towards the needs of those competition shooters. [Photo credit: CZ]

CZ TS 2 Pistol Features

  • Redesigned Slide with cocking serrations for easier manipulation of the slide.
  • Polished heavy “Bull” barrel that lends to higher accuracy.
  • Modified recoil spring guide that eliminates lateral movement during firing.
  • Updated fiber optic front sight making it easier to see.
  • Hand-fitted barrel to slide and slide to frame for tightest tolerances.
  • Redesigned thumb rest at the request of the members of the CZ shooting team.
  • Redesigned height of the magazine release to prevent it from digging into the shooter’s palm.
  • Available in 9mm or .40 S&W.

The updated design of the CZ TS 2 features a heavy polished bull barrel that lends itself to current short shooting applications with higher accuracy, better control even in the quickest of shots, and significantly longer service life. Additionally, CZ hand fits the barrel to the slide and the slide to the frame for the tightest of tolerances.

The barrel sits inside a redesigned slide that features a CZ first of serrations on all sides, including the top. On the top of the slide sits an updated fiber optic front sight that attaches in a groove at the top of the slide. Inside the slide with the barrel is a modified recoil spring guide that eliminates extra movement while firing and extends the life of the rubber buffer all while making it easier to disassemble the pistol for service.

The CZ TS 2 also features updated controls including a redesigned thumb rest to meet the need of the team shooters and IPSC Standard dimensions as well as an ambidextrous manual safety. Not only that, but CZ shortened the magazine release by 2mm, making it smaller so it no longer digs into the shooter’s palm and reducing accidental releases.

The CZ TS 2 Orange has flat grips, adjustable magazine release, magwell, and magazine base all made from orange anodized duralumin for a striking appearance. The pistol is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W and should be available to the public in early 2023.