Best Pre-Black Friday Gun Sales [2022] By: Eric Hung

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*Update* No more PRE stuff…the real Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gun Deals [2022] page is up!

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We’ve started updating for 2022 so check back often to find all of the awesome deals.

Black Friday is right around the corner and this year it seems a lot of retailers are going the way of Black November and starting early.

black Friday horror
Remember, no sale is worth this madness. Shop online!

So let’s get going with it the best of our hand-picked deals…so far until the main attraction.

Ammo In Stock

Ammo is at the top of mind for many…us included. 9mm is slowly lowering in price to around to 28 cents per round (CPR) for the good brass stuff.

AAC 115gr 9mm
AAC 115gr 9mm

Here’s some of what’s in stock at reasonable prices (right now):


  • AAC 115gr 9mm for 28 cpr or AAC 124gr 9mm for 28 cpr
  • CCI Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm for 30 cpr (free ship & only FL tax)
  • Venatum 115gr 9mm for 30 cpr
  • SAR USA 124gr 9mm NATO for 32 cpr (tested and it’s hotter)
  • Tula Steel Cased 115gr 9mm for 28 cpr
  • Sig Sauer 124gr V-Crown 9mm Hollow Point for 80 cpr


  • PMC Bronze 55gr .223 (20-rounds) for 40 cpr
  • PMC X-TAC 55gr 5.56 for 45 cpr
  • PMC Bronze 55gr .223 (1000-rounds) for 40 cpr
  • AAC 55gr 5.56 for 45 cpr
  • PMC X-TAC LAP Green Tip 62gr 5.56 for 47 cpr
  • American Eagle XM193 55gr 5.56 for 60 cpr
  • Winchester 62gr M855 5.56 Green Tip for 60 cpr
  • Federal Gold Medal 69gr for $1.27 cpr


  • Lambro Guard 00 Buck for 60 cpr
  • Fiocchi 1oz #8 Birdshot for 44 cpr


  • Norma 40gr TAC-22 .22LR for 8 cpr
  • Armscor 36gr .22LR for 8 cpr
  • Global Ordnance 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 37 cpr
  • Wolf 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 36 cpr
  • Tula 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 45 cpr
  • AAC 125gr .300 BLK for 60 cpr
  • PMC 90gr .380 ACP for 37 cpr
  • Federal 5.7x28mm for 76 cpr

Palmetto State Armory

PSA is still running some strong Daily Deals up to Black Friday.

If it was like last year then they’ll probably drop the really good stuff sometime between Nov 19-21.

But here’s some of our current favorites:

  • Magpul PMAG Gen 2 30-Rounders for $7.49 with code “PMAG”, free ship 10+
  • PSA Custom 3.5lb AR Trigger for $89 and free shipping
PSA 3.5 Trigger
  • PSA AK-V Blem for $799 (see our review)
  • PSA Dagger Compact 9mm, 10 mags, & pistol case for $349 (free shipping)
  • Sierra Outdoor Master 124gr 9mm Hollow Points for 25 cpr with rebate
  • Blem PSA PA-15 16″ M4 Carbine for $479 (free shipping)
PSA AR-15 Blem 16
  • Sig Sauer Romeo5 for $129…our current fav red dot under $200 (see our review)
Romeo5 on MP5K and AR-15
Romeo5 on MP5K and AR-15
  • Toolcraft non-logo Nickel Boron BCG for $79

Again…see the rest of the Daily Deals.


Brownells has some nice coupons for Pre Black Friday that expire 11/20/2022.

  • $20 Off $250 + Free Shipping. Use Code BF20SHIP
  • $40 Off $500 + Free Shipping. Use Code BF40SHIP
  • $30 Off Orders $250+. Use Code 30OFF250

Here’s some of our favorite deals:

  • Daniel Defense MK18 Stripped Upper for $674 with code NOV95 to build your own MK18 (see our full review)
Daniel Defense MK18
Daniel Defense MK18
  • Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock for $219 then get this cheap spring and use 30OFF250
Law Tactical, Open
Law Tactical, Open


A lot of good stuff in their Black Friday Sales section. And if you’re from OR…this might be the last chance you get!

But a few of our picks…

  • Magpul PMAG Gen 3 30-Rounders for $10.99
What I Carried PMAGs (1)
PMAG Gen 3
  • Hex Mag Series 2 for $7.99
Hexmag 30 RD AR-15 Magazines
  • Bulgarian Steel AK-47 Mags for $14.99
  • KCI MP5 Mags for $29 each

Aero Precision

Check out their Holiday Gift Guide with some current deals on Sniper Grey uppers/lowers and barrels.


Some pretty good deals in their Gun Deals section.

  • Taurus G3C for $195 after rebate (see our review)
Taurus G3C in the hay
Taurus G3C
  • Rock Island VRF14 SEmi-Auto 12ga for $249 after mail-in rebate

Primary Arms

Lots to choose from their Pre-Christmas Sale section.

Their SLx 1-6x Gen 3 ACSS Scope is in stock for $289 plus a free deluxe mount using our link. See our full review for what’s our best bang-for-the-buck 1-6x scope.

BCM with Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS
BCM with Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS

As well as our current favorite pistol red dot in their collab with Holosun…the HS507C-X2 with ACSS Reticle. Full review here!

Holosun 507C X2 Primary Arms Vulcan
Holosun 507C X2 Primary Arms Vulcan


Kygunco is going with a Black November with new deals released each week. Here’s some of the best this week:

  • Kimber Micro 9 for $519
  • Taurus GX4 for $285 (see our review)
Taurus GX4
Taurus GX4


Our go-to entry-level electronic hearing protection goes to AXIL. And right now they have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal going on for their two best products.

Their earmuff TRACKRs are now $99 for two pairs. See how they stack up to the competition.

Axil TRACKR (L) and TRACKR Blu (R)
Axil TRACKR (L) and TRACKR Blu (R)

And their wireless in-ear GS Extreme 2.0’s are two for $199. See our full review.

AXIL GS Extreme 2 wearing
AXIL GS Extreme 2.0


Their biggest sale yet is back…30% off everything with no code required. Our favorite steel target maker that you see in all our videos.

Shootsteel, Up Armored
Shootsteel, Up Armored

We’re decking out our new private range with a bunch of their Armadillo Targets that you can shoot more up close.

Shoot Steel Armadillo Short Range Target
Shoot Steel Armadillo Short Range Target


Sorry, no big sales on their polymer products…but how about up to 75% off shirts, belts, and wallets?

Hidden Hybrid Holsters

The makers of our favorite hybrid holsters (leather backer and Kydex shell) are going to have 20% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So stay tuned…and check out our full review in the mean time.

P365XL in a Hidden Hybrid Holster
P365XL in a Hidden Hybrid Holster

We the People Holsters

We’re testing these guys out but tons of people love their pure Kydex models. They have 25% off everything starting now with code HOLSTER.

Alien Gear Holsters

Ok…one more holster…Alien Gear is having some special holiday deals.

  • free mag carrier with holster purchase
  • $40 off holster when you buy a Nightstick light
  • $25 AGH Buck Knife with any holster
Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force Duty profile
Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force Duty profile

AR15 Discounts

15% off muzzle devices with code MUZZLE15

More Muzzle Devices
More Muzzle Devices

SecureIt Tactical

15% off their safes for Black Friday!

Check out our full review of their Agile 52 which comes flat-packed for easy assembly in any small space.

SecureIt Agile 52, Open
SecureIt Agile 52, Open

TriStar Trading

The home of Pew Pew Tactical merch. Shirts, Belts, & Slings are all back in stock.

Pew Pew Tactical Sling Logo
Pew Pew Tactical Sling Logo

But the deals lie in the $8 shirts that they are blowing out to make room for more stuff in the new year.

80% Arms

80% receivers and jigs are back on the menu, boys! The courts have declared that 80% Arms is exempt from the ATF ban. So check out their Easy Jig 3 and receivers.

As well as our full review.

80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen 3 Side
80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen 3 Side

Rainier Arms

Lots of stuff in their Holiday Sales 2022…especially with Danger Close Sig P320 variants.


Put off getting a family med it or IFAK (individual first aid kit)? Now’s the time with 20-30% off med kits from MyMedic.

We’re fans of the MyFAK Mini

Firearms Depot

A couple goodies from Firearms Depot!

  • Free shipping on Henry guns through the 20th
1. Henry Big Boy X with EOTech in Desert
  • Stribog SP9A1 SBT for $799 and SP9A3 Glock for $999
Grand Power Stribog

Capitol Armory

Lots of great deals from SBRs to suppressors. Check em out here.

.30 Cal and 5.56 Suppressors
.30 Cal and 5.56 Suppressors

Some of our favs include:

  • FREE Tax Stamp w/ Purchase – Use Code TKY200
  • B&T APC45 / ACP10 $500 OFF – Use Code TKY500
  • Purchase a SilencerCo Saker ASR 556 or Saker ASR 556k and receive two $200 store credits (SilencerCo and Capitol Armory provided) 


Lots of Pre-Black Friday Sales that center around guns, hunting, and more. Plus use coupon SG4001 for $25 off $125.

STNGR Handguards

Our favorite bang-for-the-buck handguards are all on sale up to 40% off. No coupons needed.

We’re partial to the VLCN.

STNGR VLCN Modded Upper with DBAL and Unity Tactical
STNGR VLCN Modded Upper with DBAL and Unity Tactical

Optics Planet

They have a nice Pre-Black Friday Sale section already up. Plus you’ll get 2% OP bucks with purchases. And up to 10% bucks on ammo.

Remington Factory Ammo
Remington Factory Ammo

Ballistic Advantage

One of our favorite barrel makes has a nice Black Friday sale of up to 35% off.

If you’ve been holding off on a barrel for a build…it’s time to jump on it!

Check out our most recent two .300 BLK builds.

Ballistic Advantage .300 BLK Barrels, 10.3 vs 9 Inch
Ballistic Advantage .300 BLK Barrels, 10.3 vs 9 Inch has an Early Access to Black Friday Sale going on.

Some good stuff include:

  • 10% off Certified Used Guns
  • 15% off Accessories
  • Free Shipping on Ammo over $125



10% off for Club Members with code CLUBVIP22

Beretta USA

Their Black Friday Sale is on!

Though no direct firearm sales…they’ve got magazines galore, great clothing, and other accessories.

Final Thoughts

That about wraps things up.

And we’ll be updating with our REAL Black Friday & Cyber Monday picks soon.

Know of any firearms related pre-Black Friday sales that we missed? Let us know in the comments.  And finally, from all of us at Pew Pew Tactical, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!