Watch: Off-road racers’ joyride, pursuit video pays tribute to veterans By:


By Ashley Silver

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BOERNE, Texas — Travis Pastrana, an off-road racer and stunt driver, teamed up with Black Rifle Coffee Co. for a humorous yet uplifting video celebrating Veteran’s Day.

In the video, Pastrana plays Sheriff Pastrami, who is driving his Subaru Brat police car in an effort to subdue Hank, a World War II veteran portrayed by off-road racer Dave Carapetyan. According to FOX News, the actor portraying Hank stole a modified Jeep Wrangler to take a joyride after getting an unusual prescription from his doctor.

Along the way, the pair encounter a trio of actual World War II veterans, including Ronald “Rondo” Scharfe, who served as a Navy firefighter, Bill Casassa, who served in the Army and Wallace “Wally” King, an officer in the Army Air Corps.

“I hope it brings awareness to World War II veterans so people continue to understand the sacrifice they made for their country,” Mat Best, co-founder of Black Rifle Coffee Co., told the news platform.

Pastrana told FOX that meeting real-life veterans, like Scharfe, Casassa and King, was the highlight of the project: “The coolest part was at the end of the day when the crew, many of them veterans, gathered around the guys to listen to their stories.”