Maxim Defense Integrally Suppressed PDX-SD Rifle: Constant Suppression By: Patti Miller


Maxim Defense has expanded its premium line of short rifles to include a suppressed version, the PDX-SD rifle. The PDX-SD is said to be designed around the suppressor, which is hearing-safe when firing M855, reading 138 dB during testing.

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According to reports, the goal of the weapon design is for constant suppression, making the suppressor into a muzzle device. While the outer tube is removable for maintenance of the core, if the core does wear out over time, it can be replaced. Reports say the suppressor core can also be upgraded as new versions are released.

Maxim Defense PDX-SD rifle
Maxim Defense has upgraded its line of short rifles to include an integrally suppressed option, the PDX-SD. The PDX-SD is under 24″ in overall length, including the 5″ suppressor. [Photo credit: Maxim Defense]

Maxim Defense states the PDX-SD has an overall length of 23.75” when collapsed, with the suppressor dimensions 5” long and 2.25” wide. The bigger circumference of the suppressor allows for the necessary volume at a shorter length.

The rifle looks like it uses the SCW system, a patent-pending system with a short length helping keep the overall size of the PDX-SD down. According to the Maxim website, the SCW is a DI, or direct impingement system, and has an integrated BCG (bolt carrier group) with interchangeable buffer weights, giving maximum performance and versatility without losing form and function.

Those who have shot the PDX-SD suppressed rifle noted the surprisingly quiet rapport from the rifle, even through hearing protection with little to no gas blowback in their faces. Anyone who has shot an integrally suppressed rifle, or any suppressed rifle, knows that blowback is an unwelcome side effect that can happen when shooting.

Additional reports state that Maxim found the weapon to be quieter shooting supersonic .300 BLK ammunition than the subsonic rounds, which seems counterintuitive but obviously works. With the Maxim PDX-SD suppressed rifle, Maxim looks to have the first line of entirely integrally suppressed carbine rifles. No word on pricing as of yet, but it looks to be available in January 2023.