Veterans Day Gun Deals [2022 Update] By: Eric Hung

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

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All of us at Pew Pew Tactical would like to thank all of our veterans and active duty military for their service. 

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Every year, many retailers and manufacturers in our industry like to treat veterans, and in some cases non-veterans, to some pretty awesome special deals on guns, ammo, and accessories.

We rounded up some of the best deals out there and listed them below.

Since it’s early there’s only a few…but we will be updating through Friday and the weekend.


You know the drill…ammo is back and prices are slowly going down for 9mm at least.

AAC 115gr 9mm
AAC 115gr 9mm

Here’s our favorite ammo deals right now:


  • AAC 115gr 9mm for 28 cpr or AAC 124gr 9mm for 28 cpr
  • CCI Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm for 30 cpr (free ship & only FL tax)
  • Venatum 115gr 9mm for 30 cpr
  • SAR USA 124gr 9mm NATO for 32 cpr (tested and it’s hotter)
  • Tula Steel Cased 115gr 9mm for 28 cpr
  • Federal Punch 124gr 9mm Hollow Point for 85 cpr
  • Sig Sauer 124gr V-Crown 9mm Hollow Point for 80 cpr


  • PMC Bronze 55gr .223 (20-rounds) for 40 cpr
  • PMC X-TAC 55gr 5.56 for 45 cpr
  • PMC Bronze 55gr .223 (1000-rounds) for 40 cpr
  • AAC 55gr 5.56 for 45 cpr
  • PMC X-TAC LAP Green Tip 62gr 5.56 for 45 cpr
  • American Eagle XM193 55gr 5.56 for 60 cpr
  • Winchester 62gr M855 5.56 Green Tip for 60 cpr
  • Federal Gold Medal 69gr for $1.27 cpr


  • Lambro Guard 00 Buck for 60 cpr
  • Fiocchi 1oz #8 Birdshot for 44 cpr


  • Norma 40gr TAC-22 .22LR for 8 cpr
  • Armscor 36gr .22LR for 8 cpr
  • Armscor 230gr .45 ACP for 50 cpr
  • Global Ordnance 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 35 cpr
  • Wolf 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 36 cpr
  • Tula 122gr 7.62×39 Steel for 45 cpr
  • PMC 90gr .380 ACP for 37 cpr
  • Federal 5.7x28mm for 76 cpr

Palmetto State Armory

PSA has a Daily Gun & Ammo Deals section with tons of free shipping.

PSA AK 103 Shooting
PSA AK 103 Shooting

But here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Magpul PMAG Gen 2 30-Rounder for $7.49 with code PMAG (free ship 10+)
  • PSA Custom AR 3.5lb Match Trigger for $89 (free shipping)
PSA 3.5 Trigger
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II for $549
Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II 5.56 NATO
Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II 5.56 NATO
  • Blem AR-15 Complete Lower with Magpul MOE & EPT Trigger for $149
  • PSA Dagger Compact 9mm with 10 15-Round Mags & Case for $349
  • PSA Blem PA-15 16″ Classic M4 Carbine for $479 (free shipping)
PSA AR-15 Blem 16
  • PSAK-47 GF3 Blem in ODG for $599 (free shipping), check out our full review
PSAK-47 GF3 Blem ODG
  • Taylors & Company M1911 A1 9mm for $329

See the rest of the Daily Gun & Ammo Deals section.

Aero Precision

Aero Precision has some of the best AR-15 Uppers and Lowers, and AR-10 stuff around.

Take 10% off Sitewide for their Veterans Day Sale.

Their Blems section has some hidden gems and are the basis of a ton of our builds.

Aero M4E1 16" Build
Aero M4E1 16″ Build

And of course we have reviews of our favorites:

  • Aero AR-15 Review
  • Aero AR-10 Review
  • Aero 9mm EPC Review


Brownells Logo

Brownells is doing an awesome thing by donating 4% of sales during Nov 7-13 to Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW).

Besides giving back, there’s no direct Veterans Day Sale items though but these coupons are working:

  • $20 off orders $150+ with code NOV20
  • $40 off orders $300+ with code NOV40
  • $65 off orders $500+ with code NOV65
  • $95 off orders $750+ with code NOV95
  • $150 off orders $1000+ with code NOV150
  • $225 off orders $1500+ with code NOV225

And in time for Black Friday soon…Buy a $100 Gift Card and get a $25 Gift Card free.

Lastly, check out these goodies in stock.

  • Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Stock for $249
Law Tactical, Open
Law Tactical, Open
  • Daniel Defense MK18 Stripped Upper for $674 with code NOV95 to build your own MK18 (see our full review)
Daniel Defense MK18
Daniel Defense MK18
  • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ’s starting from $339…deep discounts all around…see our reviews
Shield EZ 9mm Vs EZ380 next to each other
Shield EZ 9mm Vs EZ 380

Looking for more handguns and rifles? Check out the Brownells Armory which shows everything that’s in stock.

9mm Micro Compacts
9mm Micro Compacts

Primary Arms

No overall savings code this year.

But their SLx 1-6x Gen 3 ACSS Scope is in stock for $289 plus a free deluxe mount using our link. See our full review for what’s our best bang-for-the-buck 1-6x scope.

BCM with Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS
BCM with Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS

As well as our current favorite pistol red dot in their collab with Holosun…the HS507C-X2 with ACSS Reticle. Full review here!

Holosun 507C X2 Primary Arms Vulcan
Holosun 507C X2 Primary Arms Vulcan

See the rest of their stuff and be sure to use 12% off with code SAVE12.


Sold Out, sorry…

GrabAGun has the Rock Island Armory VRF-14 (semi-auto 12ga shotgun) for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

But they do have Springfield’s new Prodigy in 4.25″ for $1549 if you’ve been looking for it.

Mira Safety

Our favorite gas masks and one of the top performers in Level IV armor plate testing has a nice 15% off everything with code MIRAVETS.

If you’re looking for serious CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) protection that still gives you a nice cheekweld…check them out in our Best Gas Masks article.

Pew Pew Tactical Shooting with MIRA Safety Gas Masks
Pew Pew Tactical Shooting with MIRA Safety Gas Masks

A little new to their catalog are their Level IV Ceramic Armor Plates which held up to an astonishing two direct 30.06 M2AP (armor piercing) hits.

Body Armor Test Mira Level 4 Black Tip Pt 2 After
Body Armor Test Mira Level 4 Black Tip Pt 2 After

at Mira Tactical

Prices accurate at time of writing

View Details

at Mira Tactical

  • Mira Tactical (See Price)
  • Rainier Arms (See Price)

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons
  • 25% off all OAKLEY products – OAKLEY25

    Visit Merchant

See the deets in our Best Ceramic Armor post.


Bereli is known for their free shipping on everything and only tax for FL residents. Now they have some nice Package Deals.

And right now they have the lowest shipped price on the Sig Romeo5 red dot for $110. One of our favorite red dots.

Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot
Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot


Their biggest sale yet is back…30% off everything with no code required. Our favorite steel target maker that you see in all our videos.

Shootsteel, Up Armored
Shootsteel, Up Armored

We’re decking out our new private range with a bunch of their Armadillo Targets that you can shoot more up close.

Shoot Steel Armadillo Short Range Target
Shoot Steel Armadillo Short Range Target

GunMag Warehouse

A lot of good stuff in their Black Friday Sales section.

But a few of our picks…

  • Magpul PMAG Gen 3 30-Rounders for $10.99
What I Carried PMAGs (1)
PMAG Gen 3
  • Hex Mag Series 2 for $7.99
Hexmag 30 RD AR-15 Magazines
  • Bulgarian Steel AK-47 Mags for $14.99

80% Arms

Missed out on all the 80% receiver drama? 80% Arms has their ATF ban reversed…so now you can buy jigs and receivers together again.

Installed Receiver in 80% Arms Jig
Installed Receiver in 80% Arms Jig

See how they performed in our review.

AR15 Discounts

Looking for small build parts for your AR? Check out their Daily Deals section.

They are also one of the few places left to readily get your SB Tactical Pistol Braces for $99.

Faxon Ion Pistol Brace
SB Pistol Brace

AR500 Armor

HUGE sales going on at AR500, sitewide coupon code for 25% using THANKS25 plus a LOT of deals on carriers, plates, and more!

Body Armor Test AR500 Level 3
Body Armor Test AR500 Level 3

We’ve reviewed the armor plates and the carriers before and really like them, take a full look at all of the armor blasting goodness!

Savior Equipment

Our favorite bag maker has 15% off with code PEWPEW15 sitewide.

Our go-to is their Urban Warfare line…

Savior MultiCam Urban Warfare
Savior MultiCam Urban Warfare

And for something smaller…their Coffin.

Savior Equipment Coffin
Savior Equipment Coffin


Looks like KyGunCo is doing an entire November sale.

Micro Compacts Sig Sauer P365XL
Micro Compacts Sig Sauer P365X

Some of our favorites:

  • Emperor Firearms MPX12 Pump Shotgun for $145
  • Smith & Wesson’s new Equalizer 9mm for $499
  • Anderson AM-15 Stripped AR Lower for $34

TriStar Trading

TriStar is blowing out their excess inventory to make room for a lot more cool stuff.

That means 27 shirt designs for $8.

Shall Not Comply Boating Accident
Boating Accident Shirt

And of course our Pew Pew Tactical Multicam Slings made by Flatline Fiber in GA are still in stock.

Pew Pew Tactical Flatline Slings
Pew Pew Tactical Flatline Slings

Remember that most of these deals are good for several more days, and some are good all the way to Black Friday, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a good deal. Thanks again to all our Veterans, and may God bless.