POTD: Laugo Arms Alien Pistol with Uronen Compensator By: Eric B


Photo Of The Day: We thought a picture with the Laugo Arms Alien pistol in combination with a red dot and a compensator would catch your attention, and if you’re reading this, we were right. This is the first prototype compensator made by Uronen Precision. It is made from 7075 aluminum, so the added weight is only about 30 grams compared to the original muzzle piece.

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Below you can see the production version of Uronen’s Alien compensator, together with Mr. Uronen’s comments:
After little testing, my pet load : UP 101gr brass solid with RS 20 7.3gr.
Bullet weight limit is only in IPSC Open Major.
Shoots very flat with a Power Factor of 130.5

Find out more here, at Uronen’s website. I did not find a price for the compensator, so I guess it is not yet available.

Let’s forget the entry price of the Alien pistol and focus on the solution. What do you think about it with a compensator and a red dot like this?