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Known for high-quality laser, optic, and light technology, Viridian Weapon Technologies has entered the holster market. Although the company has offered holsters on its website for some time, custom Viridian-branded Kydex holsters are now available. And what’s better is the fact that they are made right here, in the United States of America.

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Custom, American-Made Viridian Kydex Holsters

Custom made for Viridian, these holsters are constructed of high-quality Kydex. Handcrafted in the USA, they are configurable by each user specifically. Available in IWB and IWB/OWB options, they offer discreet carry and comfort. Likewise, the durable construction helps secure optics, light, and laser-equipped firearms from the rigors of daily concealed carry.

IWB (inside the waistband) models run as low as $49.00 and include inclusive hole patterns for belt clip placement adjustment. As a result, you can configure the holster for anything ranging from appendix carry to 5 o’clock waist placement.

The IWB/OWB option is configurable for either IWB or OWB (outside the waistband) carry, based on your needs. It comes with the clips necessary for either carry option for quick and easy configuration. Likewise, the holster features multiple hole patterns so that you can adjust ride height and cat. The IWB/OWB holster starts as low as $69.00.

Both holster options offer Viridian’s optional INSTANT-ON technology. Utilizing magnets, INSTANT-ON automatically turns on your light, laser, or camera as you draw. So, you don’t need to manually operate these accessories, helping you get your pistol into the fight faster.

“Viridian is proud to present these all-new, 100% American-made Kydex holsters,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “These products are effective, custom, and ready for any given situation. They also have the capability to feature our INSTANT-ON ® technology. We’re extremely excited to bring these custom holsters to the firearm community.”


Custom-made Viridian Kydex holsters are available now with MSRPs ranging based on option. For more info, please visit

Custom, American-Made Viridian Kydex Holsters.

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