Texas chief speaks out after officer is shot in the face during active shooter training By:


By Ashley Silver

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SANSOM PARK, Texas — More details are emerging about the circumstances leading up to a Texas officer being shot in the face during an active shooter training exercise.

Officer Lina Mino remains in the ICU from injuries sustained during the incident that occurred at David Sellars Elementary School. WFAA News spoke with Sansom Park Police Chief James Burchfield about the shooting: “It’s the call you never want. One of my officers had been shot. It was rather shocking news.”

Burchfield told the news platform he’s still searching for answers to explain how a live weapon was introduced into the training and if any safety checks were completed beforehand.

The training was open to peace officers, school resource officers and campus security officers, according to the report.

“It was an active school shooter training. Ever since the Uvalde incident happened, every department in the state has been trying to get this training,” Burchfield told WFAA.

Since the shooting, several departments have rallied in support of Mino, sitting by her hospital bed and offering encouragement. There is an ongoing investigation into the shooting being conducted by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers.

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