It’s Here! Timney Triggers HK MP5 Two-Stage Trigger By: Nicholas C


We are living in a roller delayed renaissance. Roller-delayed blowback guns are more popular than ever before. We have companies like Century Arms, PTR, POF and even H&K bringing in roller delayed goodness. The venerable MP5 and its other semi-automatic siblings have one minor issue and that is the trigger. They are just not that great. That is no longer a problem, now you can upgrade your roller delayed firearm of choice with a Timney Triggers HK MP5 two-stage trigger.

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Timney Triggers MP5 Two-Stage Trigger

MP5 two-stage trigger

Photo by Timney Triggers

The Timney Triggers MP5 two-stage trigger appears to be straightforward. It is a drop-in cassette. Like in the case of other aftermarket MP5 triggers such as the Franklin Armory or the Shooting Sight, you need to reuse your factory ejector, ejector lever pin and ejector spring and transplant them into the Timney trigger.

Installation is pretty easy. You make your gun safe and field strip it to remove the trigger housing. Remove the safety and pull the factory trigger up and out. Remove the parts mentioned above (ejector and related parts) and reinstall them into the Timney MP5 two-stage trigger. Drop the cassette into the trigger housing and reinstall the safety.

Photo by Timney Triggers

Photo by Timney Triggers

Photo by Timney Triggers

Here is a video on how to install the trigger. Posted by Timney Triggers.

The Timney HK MP5 trigger is factory-set with a two pound first stage and a two pound second stage that elevates the platform so the shooter can achieve the utmost in accuracy.

All trigger parts have been expertly designed and precision machined from premium materials to guarantee a lifetime of dependable service. The trigger housing is made from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized black to create a weather and corrosion resistant trigger. To produce maximum lubricity during trigger performance, the hammer is made from S7 tool steel, heat treated, and NP3 coated. Both the trigger shoe and disconnector have been machined from billet A2 tool steel, heat treated for durability, and carbo-nitride coated for an effortlessly smooth feel.

The Timney replacement Two-Stage Trigger for HK MP5 Semi-Automatic Variants utilizes your existing rifle’s ejector lever, ejector spring, and the ejector axis pin that are matched to your rifle’s chambering.

This trigger is compatible with HK 91/93 and 94 type firearms and their clones – SEF/ Semi-Auto trigger packs and corresponding safety selector levers.

It is NOT compatible with Ambi/Navy/FBI trigger packs or .22 clones, as they are completely different internally.

The Timney Triggers MP5 two-stage trigger is a 4 lbs trigger and retails for $379.99 on their website. Click here to find out more.