Check your blogs – RSS Feeds appear to be broken By: (Mark/GreyLocke)


I posted this originally on my blog after I noticed my traffic had dropped by over 90%.

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EDIT TO ADD TO END: I’ve figured part of it out.


This is what my blog has been getting for the last week, when it comes to pageviews. Last month at the same time;


So my traffic has more than halved from the first week of last month. Now let’s go back another month.


You can see the downward progression as Google has been shadowbanning and deboosting my content. And I doubt I am the only one this is happening to.



Evidently Google has either turned off the RSS Feed or changed it’s settings without notifying any of us. Crossposted from my personal blog. According to to the feed it was over a week since I last posted. Which is manifestly incorrect. So check your feed settings. I’ve checked mine but I can’t see anything which would break the feed, so will be putting in a ticket to Google/Blogger today.