Testing the Browning Buck Mark Camper By: Garrett Negen


One thing I can definitively say about Browning is that they give you plenty of options. On their site at the time of this review, 36 different variations of the Buck Mark were available. I’m sure this is the reason the name of my particular pistol is such a mouth full (Buck Mark Plus Camper UFX Suppressor Ready). 

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The primary purpose of this pistol is to be a host for a suppressor, so a threaded barrel was a top priority for me. The barrel measures 6” which is a bit longer than I prefer (it becomes overly front-heavy when using a suppressor) but it is manageable and there are reasonably priced aftermarket barrels so I could always swap it for a shorter one in the future if I wanted to. 

The barrel is threaded 1/2×28

That 6” barrel does come with its benefits, however. This thing is an absolute tack driver. I shot some groups at 25 yards, and it did very well. The best 5-shot group was about 1” and came from CCI MINI-MAGs. The worst group was loose pack Federal which was just over 2”.

5-shot groups were shot from the bench at 25 yards

A rail to mount a red dot was another of my requirements. I am a little late to the party when it comes to pistol-mounted optics. I have only had a red dot on my EDC Glock 19 for around six months but the more I train with it, the more I realize its benefits. Looking past preference to the pragmatic, this operating system is perfect for mounting optics. The barred is fixed and the optic mounts to a stationary rail. This is a great advantage when compared to a typical semi-auto pistol where the optic reciprocates with the slide during each shot. 

The reliability of this pistol has been 100%. So far, I have probably put 300 rounds through it, and I have not had a single malfunction. No matter the brand. No matter the bullet type. This gun ate it all. With so many 22lr pistols failing to cycle once they get a little dirty, or with cheap ammunition, I am really happy to see that this one isn’t picky.

I enjoy the grip shape of this pistol more than most. It is long enough to accommodate my entire hand without feeling bulky. The grip panels blend cleanly into the frame, and they have just the right amount of texture. It’s easy to make a strong one or two-handed grip high on the gun- but don’t grip too high. If you let your thumb ride on top of the safety selector you may lose a bit of skin to the slide serrations.

The slide release, safety, and mag release are all controlled by your right thumb. The slide reliably locks open after the last round and the release is easy to manipulate. The mag release is a bit far forward for me to press without adjusting my grip but, the mag always falls free once I do reach it. The safety is easy to deactivate but it takes some practice to be able to put it back on safe without using your support hand. 

The trigger on the Buck Mark is quite good. It breaks just over four pounds with almost no take-up and very little creep. The shape of the trigger places your finger in the same spot for every shot. This provides a more consistent trigger pull since the perceived weight can change depending on where you place your finger on the trigger.

The iron sights are comprised of a fiber optic front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation. Adjustments are made with a small flathead screwdriver. Each adjustment is accompanied by tactile clicks which hold the adjustment screws in place and give you a reference for your adjustment. The manual did not give a value for each click but it seemed to be about ¼” of adjustment per click at 25 yards.

This pistol comes with a single ten-round magazine. Other than the follower, its construction is all metal. It has a sturdy feel and feeds all types of ammunition reliably. For the $630 MSRP price on this pistol, I do wish it would have come with more than one magazine. Especially when the magazines cost around $50 each.

This really has been a fun pistol. The quality iron sights paired with the long sight radius make it easy to shoot good groups. The craftsmanship that went into both the design and manufacture of this firearm is evident. Clean lines and reliable operation are the factors that define this pistol for me. There is a reason it has found its way into the bag for every one of my trips to the range. It is just a pleasure to shoot. 

$630 for a 22lr pistol feels high to me but I am sure many will find that this pistol is worth the price. Visit Browning’s website to see a full spec sheet on the Buck Mark Plus Camper UFX Suppressor Ready, to check out all their other models, or to find a dealer near you.

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