Ultimate SIG Review: P365 380 to P365 Armed and Styled By: Patti Miller


With many different versions of the Sig Sauer P365 pistol on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Tessah, at Armed and Styled [YouTube channel], owns or has access to all the different options, making it possible for her to rank them in different categories and make recommendations for which one to pick. For the review, she compares the Sig P365, P365X, P365XL, Spectre Comp, and P365 380. She ranks the pistols by category, rather than by gun, for Shootability, Optics Compatibility, Holster Compatibility, and Cost.

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Tessah Shooting
Tessah, from Armed and Styled, thought a review of all the Sig P365 models was needed. She ranked the pistols in different categories and give her recommendations. [Photo credit: Armed and Styled YouTube video]


In regards to Shootability, Tessah knew people would want to talk or ask about triggers in the different firearms, but she said they all perform pretty much the same so it’s a non-issue.

The P365 380 wins the Shootability category and is the easiest to shoot by far, according to Tessah. With the super low recoil, you can reacquire your sights quickly, don’t have to worry about adjusting your grip, and get on to your next shot with little delay.

The Spectre Comp comes in second, being the easiest to shoot in the 9mm group. She thinks this is due to the built-in comp that counteracts muzzle flip with the shots. She also likes the full-sized grip and laser stippling making it easier to hold and giving better feedback while shooting.

The P365XL is next because of the extra slide mass and longer grip. While there is still some bounce when shooting, the heavier slide doesn’t smack you around as much while shooting.

The P365X comes in fourth due to the short slide cycling quickly. The recoil, or pop as she calls it, makes the gun move and it takes more time to get your sights back on target after each shot. She did state that her hands started hurting after about 400 rounds in a class because of it.

And finally, the fifth in rank for Shootability is the standard P365. She ranked it last because its short slide and small grip made it hard to keep on target and the gun was hard on her hands. She said it still is manageable, but due to her stature, it’s hard for her to conceal.

Armed and Styled Shootability

First in Shootability, according to Tessah, is the P365 380. She ranked it first because of its low recoil allowing for faster follow-up shots.

Optics Compatibility

In this category, the P365X and the P365XL tied for first place. Tessah said that while you lose the rear sight with an optic when mounted it will be further back on the slide and away from the ejection port.

Tied for second place are the P365 380 and the Spectre Comp. Both models keep the rear sight, but the optic mount is closer to the ejection port allowing for debris to muck up your dot window faster.

Coming in last in Optics Compatibility is the standard P365 because at the time the video was made, there was no optics-ready pistol.

Holster Compatibility

Tessah said that due to the overwhelming popularity of the SIG P365 line of pistols, any quality Kydex holster maker will have options for any of the pistols. Having stated that, she ranks both the P365 and the P365X as the best for holster compatibility because they can fit in standard P365 and XL length holsters. Coming in second are the Spectre Comp and the XL as they can both fit in any XL-length holster. Last is the P365 380 due to the slightly thinner slide that allows slop to happen with fixed retention holsters.

Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown is based on MSRP or near MSRP. The Spectre Comp is the most expensive and is between $1,100 and $1,300. Next is the P365XL, coming in between $600 and $700. The third most expensive is the P365X, at between $600-$700. Fourth is the P365 380, costing between $500-$600. The most affordable SIG P-series pistol is the standard P365, coming in at around $500 or less.

Sig P-Series Recommendations

The P365 is best for those on a budget, who don’t want or need an optic, who have good technique, and who are looking for a small 9mm package. This pistol will be hard for you to conceal if you have a hip-to-hip distance of less than 10.5”.

The P365 380 is best for someone who doesn’t have much grip strength or is recoil-sensitive, and someone that wants more performance out of a smaller gun. The pistol will be hard to conceal if your hip-to-hip distance is less than 10.5”, but holster compatibility is more of a problem.

The P365X is for anyone who wants an optics-ready P365.

The P365XL is the best value for what it is. It’s a great shooting and performance but at a lower price point. If your hip-to-hip is larger than 12”, it’ll be easy to conceal. Otherwise, it will take some work to conceal.

The Spectre Comp is for anyone who wants to close the gap in their performance between the micro and larger pistols. The pistol will be easy to conceal if your hip-to-hip is larger than 12”.

Hip to Hip distance
When giving her recommendations for pistols, a lot comes down to the hip-to-hip distance of the user. This distance is important in determining if a given model can be concealed successfully.

Tessah’s review of the different SIG P365 pistol models is liked by viewers for the information and they thought it was very thorough. Check it out for yourself.