Tyrant Designs Introduces H&K VP9/VP40/P30 +5 Mag Extensions By: Luke C.


Tyrant Designs is expanding its lineup of aftermarket handgun parts for H&K’s line of auto-loading pistols with their new CNC machined +5 magazine extensions. These new mag extensions are easily installed with no tools and will include a 10% increased power magazine spring to aid in reliably feeding ammunition.

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Tyrant Designs Introduces H&K VP9/VP40/P30 +5 Mag Extensions

Tyrant Designs Introduces H&K VP9/VP40/P30 +5 Mag Extensions

Introducing the fastest and easiest installing +5 magazine extension for the H&K VP9, the Tyrant Designs CNC H&K VP9 extended magazine base pad! Drop your magazines faster, and grab onto them quicker with our machined aluminum base pads!

Using our proprietary design, add plus 5 rounds to the Heckler & Koch VP9 magazine extension which installs in less than 10 seconds with no tools necessary! CNC Machined from aerospace-grade aluminum our magazine plate continues the profile of your H&K VP9 handles making the ergonomics exactly like factory!

Why do they install so quickly? We use our retention plunger technology that allows the magazine extension to easily slide onto the bottom of your magazine! The entire install happens in 10 seconds or less and with no tools!

Want to take it off? Easy, just push the plunger down and slide the magazine base plate off!

Why is this the best Magazine Extension? Not only do our H&K base pads install in seconds without tools, but we also designed the mag extension to be a perfect & seamless profile match. With our H&K VP9 magazine extension base pads, you’re not only adding to the magazine capacity and performance but aesthetics and a true custom feel as well!

This product is manufactured in the USA and has a flawless finish. There is no easier and quicker way to add the much-needed capacity to your H&K VP9.

Whether you conceal carry, are an active competitive shooter, or anything in-between, our H&K VP9 extended magazine is the solution!

These magazine extensions will not work with standard 10-round capacity H&K magazines. A complete list of compatible magazines is listed below. If you’re interested in picking up some of these magazine extensions for yourself, they are available for pre-sale now in any color finish for $39.95 and are estimated to begin shipping on the 21st of November this year. For more information or to check out Tyrant Designs’ other aftermarket handgun and AR parts you can visit http://tyrantcnc.com/.

Fits HK 9mm & .40 Cal firearm magazines:

  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical 9mm (17 Round Magazine)
  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical 9mm (15 Round Magazine)
  • HK P30, P30L & P30S 9mm (15 Round Magazine)
  • VP40, VP40 Tactical .40 cal (13 Round magazine)
  • HK P30, P30L & P30S .40 cal (13 round magazine)

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