NEW Hornady Square-Lok Organization System By: Daniel Y


Hornady’s 2023 product announcements continue with the Square-Lok organization system. It uses a system of vertical panels to mount various shelves or hooks. Users can customize the placement of these accessories to organize their guns and gear to their liking.

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The base of the system are vertically mounted metal panels. These panels are covered in holes that accept the accessories. The panels are available in 12×18″ (MSRP $66.99) or 18×36″ (MSRP $159.99).

Once the panels are mounted to the wall, the organizing can begin. A wide range of hooks, racks, shelves, bins, and drawers are available. Accessory prices range from $9.99 for a two-piece horizontal gun rack to $94.99 for a storage drawer. These accessories are also compatible with Hornady’s Ammo Cabinet, which utilizes the Square-Lok system.

NEW Hornady Square-Lok Organization System

The Square-Lok panels can accept accessories like the storage drawers and shelves shown here

NEW Hornady Square Lok Organization System

Square-Lok can be used to store tools and reloading gear as well as guns

From the manufacturer:

Utilize your space your way with the revolutionary Square-Lok™ modular organizing system. Square-Lok accessories lock in easily and hold firmly for countless storage configurations. Choose the pieces you need and the arrangement that works best for you.

• Item No. 95785 Two-Piece Vertical Gun Rack (3-Gun)

• Item No. 95794 Rifle/Pistol 6-Gun Rack

• Item No. 95784 Pistol Rack (2-Gun)

• Item No. 95786 Two-Piece Horizontal Gun Rack (1-Gun)

• Item No. 95780 Shelf 9”W x 9”D

• Item No. 95781 Shelf 12″W x 12″D

• Item No. 95783 Drawer 12”W x 6”H x 12”D

• Item No. 95782 Bin 12″W x 4.5″H x 4.5″ D

• Item No. 95787 Square-Lok™ Panel 12”W x 18”H

• Item No. 95788 Square-Lok™ Panel 12”W x 36”H

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