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As the old adage goes, two is one, one is none. It is this philosophy that has many carrying backups to most regular EDC items. Some even go as far as carrying backups to their backups. Just like any other item, a backup gun to your concealed carry is equally important, which has kept ankle holsters viable for years. And they just keep getting better.

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5 Top Ankle Holsters for Concealed Carry

Concealed ankle holsters are nothing new, they have been around for years. In fact, it was quite common for those in law enforcement to have a backup gun strapped to their leg. A great advantage of an ankle rig is that when you’re carrying a small pistol, there is almost no printing. Not to mention, most people don’t really look at a person’s pant leg for a concealed firearm.

Over the years, modern engineering and manufacturing has made ankle carry even more comfortable and stable than ever before. These five ankle holsters are a testimony to how far ankle carry has come.

Crossbreed Ankle Holster

Ankle Holsters Concealed Carry: Crossbreed Ankle Holster.

Constructed of Nylex-covered neoprene, the Crossbreed Ankle Holster holds securely in place during wear, for right- or left-handed draw. Likewise, a full calf support strap with height adjustment ensures that your holster won’t ride down.

Fitting up to a 12-inch circumference ankle, the Crossbreed features a padded ankle section for greater comfort. Offering deep concealment for small to medium firearms, the Ankle Holster includes an adjustable Velcro thumb break to ensure a secure carry during rigorous activity.

MSRP: $39.95

For more information, please visit CrossbreedHolsters.com.

Galco Ankle Glove

Galco Ankle Glove.

Known for its leather holsters, Galco takes its conceal carry holsters to the ankle with a leather ankle holster. Available in right- or left-hand draw, the Galco Ankle Glove is constructed of premium steerhide stitched to a neoprene band. The wide neoprene band can accommodate ankles up to a 13-inch circumference and hold securely via hook and loop closure.

Made for semi-automatic pistols or revolvers, the Ankle Glove features sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle. Each holster utilizes detailed molding and a reinforced thumb break for firearm retention. An optional adjustable calf strap is available to help ensure your holster doesn’t ride down your ankle.

MSRP: $139.00

For more information, please visit GalcoGunLeather.com.

The BUGBite Holster

Ankle Holsters Concealed Carry: BUGBite Ankle Holster.

Designed as a neoprene sleave, the BUGBite Holster conforms to the contours of your leg for a comfortable, secure fit. With multiple sizes available, the BUGBite can accommodate calves up to 21.5-inches around. The holster pulls onto the leg like a sock and then secures via a zipper and Velcro retention strap.

Accommodating small to mid-size firearms the BUGBite has a drop in holster pocket and mag pouch on the obverse side. The holster design wraps around the rear of the firearm for retention and does not use snaps or Velcro enclosures. As a result, you can draw your pistol in silence.

MSRP: $44.95

For more information, please visit BUGBiteHolsters.com.

Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster.

Featuring the simplest and most streamlined design of the list is Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster. Constructed of Kodra nylon, the holster includes soft-knit fabric on the ankle side for additional comfort. The cinch-down design with hook & loop adjustment helps keep your firearm snug against your leg. Similarly, an adjustable calf strap keeps the holster from riding down your ankle.

Fitting small to medium-frame firearms, Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster utilizes a nylon web retention strap with reinforced thumb break to hold your pistol in place.

MSRP: $41.45

For more information, please visit UncleMikes.com.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster

Ankle Holsters Concealed Carry: Alien Gear ShapeShifter Ankle Holster.

The two-piece design of the ShapeShift Ankle Holster from Alien Gear holds your pistol securely in place regardless of activity. Constructed almost entirely of CoolVent neoprene, the holster is very lightweight and requires no break-in time. Likewise, the breathable neoprene provides all day comfort and hugs the leg. Attached to the neoprene is a kydex holster shell that is injection-molded to fit your firearm perfect for excellent retention.

The lower wrap wraps around the ankle while the upper wrap has a polymer spine that hooks into the lower wrap. This prevents the holster from riding down the leg. Likewise, the spine connects to a thermo elastomer piece that supports the holster’s shell and allows for six ride height levels. As a result, you can carry everything up to a full-size pistol.

Finally, a neoprene wrap wraps around the entire holster and your ankle to snug your pistol to your leg. Utilizing a modular design, you can remove the shell from the ankle holster and attach it to any ShapeShifter platform.

MSRP: $71.88

For more information, please visit AlienGearHolsters.com.

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