The SAR 9x Platinum Edition: Seriously Flat Shooter Classic Firearms By: Patti Miller


The SAR 9X pistol from SAR USA has been touted as the ultimate package, albeit by SAR USA itself. It can be helpful to have a full-sized polymer frame pistol that can be used for concealed carry or range use. Clint Morgan, over at Classic Firearms channel on Youtube, and on the web, took out the Platinum Edition of the SAR 9X to do a full review to get a better view of this pistol.

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Cling shooting the SAR 9X pistol
Clint Morgan, from Classic Firearms, really likes the SAR 9X Platinum Edition pistol. He said it shoots very flat. [Photo credit: Classic Firearms YouTube video]

Clint’s initial reaction after shooting it is that it’s a good shooting pistol. The Platinum Edition is a bundle that includes loads of things, including the 4.4” barreled pistol and a 17-round magazine. For Clint, the striker-fired pistol has the feel of an H&K VP9 but is a bit more affordable than the VP9.

When he shot it, it shot pretty flat with a very low muzzle rise and the 3-dot sights were easy to pick up for the next shot. The pistol felt good in his hand and comes with different options for the adjustable backstraps in the package.

Serrations or cuts on the forward slide
One feature that Clint really liked on the SAR 9X is the serrations or cuts on the forward slide. He said they are helpful for doing press checks. [Photo credit: Classic Firearms YouTube video]

Clint thinks the pistol looks cool with the platinum Cerakote along with the slide cuts and forward serrations that are both practical and useful. Additional cuts on the slide can accommodate mounting an optic straight out of the box. While the pistol shoots like a VP9, the VP9 has a better trigger, according to him. But he went on to explain that the SAR9X’s trigger isn’t too bad—to the point he said it felt better the more he shot it.

One feature of the SAR 9X that Clint really liked was the ambidextrous safety, which isn’t present on a lot of standard-frame medium-sized handguns. For those keeping track, the SAR 9X has both a blade or trigger safety and manual frame safety. Above the trigger area is a textured area for your finger to rest on when it’s off the trigger.

Overall, Clint says the SAR 9X is an attractive pistol, and can’t get over the forward slide serrations or cuts. He really likes the way it looks. On top of the slide are a dovetail rear sight and forward dot. He realized while making the video that the pistol comes with one 17-round magazine and one 19-round magazine.

Holster from Platinum Bundle
The Platinum Bundle with the SAR 9X from SAR USA comes with loads of accessories, including a holster and holster paddle. Also inside the bundle is hardware to assemble the holster to your liking. [Photo credit: Classic Firearms YouTube video]

Clint originally thought the large red case that the pistol bundle comes in was ostentatious, but it holds a lot of gear that comes from the factory. In this case: the manual, lock, SAR USA sticker, holster with a button release, holster paddle and hardware to assemble the holster pieces, paddle magazine pouch for the two magazines, a tactical flashlight that mounts on the Picatinny rail, adjustable backstrap sizing options, side panel grip options, and a speed loader.

Clint, and a lot of the commenters on the video, think the pistol is underrated and really like it. Clint finished the video by saying it is a quick and easy tacti-cool home defense pistol. And thanks to the bundle, you get a lot of bang for the buck.