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Beretta just announced the latest addition to the famed 92 line of semi-auto pistols. The Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optic puts together a contemporary carry package into the hands of 92 fans. The performance-based upgrade answers the demand for 9mm, optic-platform defense guns.

Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optic Details

First off, we’re a fan of the entire 92X line extension. Beretta built-in a serious performance upgrade with the 92X. The heavier, all-steel frame even incorporates a race gun, the 92X Performance Competition, so that tells you all you need to know about its inherent accuracy and speed attributes. Take that speed-driven base, add in a red dot optic-ready slide, Xtreme-S trigger system, skeletonized hammer and a solid backup sight system, and now we have a complete carry package. Beretta took everything great about the 92X Performance and shaped into an EDC platform.

Of course, the 92X Performance Carry Optic remains a competition pistol as well. The pistol comes compliant for USPSA’s Carry Optic division regulations. A newer division, one that enables folks to truly compete with their carry gun if they so choose, harkens to the early days of practical pistol competition. Before it got uber-competitive, many folks ran in matches the same gun they carried. With current trends toward carry-optics, this gun taps that same vein. And we think that’s a very good thing.

Enhanced Platform for Carry or Sport

The 92X Performance Carry Optic features the steel Vertec frame, optimized for ergonomics and balance, according to Beretta. It weighs in a 47.6 ounces overall. It includes a higher beaver tail and front and rear strap texturing. A flared magazine well promotes fast reloads. Meanwhile, the oversized, reversible mag release works for right- or left-handed shooters.

The Xtreme-S Trigger comes fully adjustable for take-up, break and overtravel. Shooter can fine tune the unit, delivering up to a 40-percent reset reduction in travel, according to Beretta.

The optics-ready slide cut gives shooters the ability to mount a host of modern red dots to the pistol. The gun ships with two Toni System optic plates to fit most of the popular red dots on the market today. Finally, the Performance Carry Optic includes two magazines with extended base plates. The entire package retails for $1,799. For even more info, please visit

Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optic Features

  • Red Dot Optic-Ready Slide
  • Xtreme-S Trigger System
  • Competition Mag Release
  • Low-Profile (USPSA Compliant) Frame Mounted Safety
  • Skeletonized Hammer
  • Adjustable Rear Sight with High-Vis Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Toni System Optic Plates

Editor’s Note:

Beretta remains all-in with practical pistol shooting. As such, they’re bringing the new 92X Performance Carry Optic to the upcoming 2022 USPSA Carry Optic National Championship. Come out and demo the gun, Sept. 9-11, at Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.

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