4 Best Gun Trigger Locks [Tested]: Pros, Cons, & Models By: Megan Kriss

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As gun owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that firearms are stored safely and securely whenever not in use.  

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Master Lock 94DSPT on Glock 19
Master Lock 94DSPT on Glock 19

Safe storage is important to ensure that the gun is not only secure from theft or use by a home invader but also to keep it away from curious kids, impulsive teens, and other unauthorized users who could potentially pose a danger to themselves and others.

Vaultek RS500i, Open
Vaultek RS500i, Open

There are a few different ways to make sure your gun is safely stored, including locking gun cases, reinforced locking gun cabinets, and gun safes.

One of the most widely recommended and widely available gun security solutions, however, is the trigger lock.

Summary of Our Top Picks

  1. Editor’s Pick

    Master Lock 94DSPT Trigger Lock

    Simple, cheap, and no key to lose or misplace make this lock our editor’s pick.

    $14 at Amazon
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  2. Best Keyed Trigger Lock

    Master Lock 90TRISPT Trigger Locks, Keyed Alike

    If you want something quicker than a combination lock, but are still unsure about electronic locks, these keyed trigger locks are a simple solution.

    $28 at Amazon
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  3. Best Biometric Trigger Lock

    Identilock Biometric Trigger Lock

    Although not available for a wide variety of guns, the Identilock is a fast and effective biometric lock that eliminates the need for keys or slow combination locks.

    $157 at OpticsPlanet
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Table of Contents


Advantages of Trigger Locks

The popularity of the trigger lock makes sense.  

Trigger locks are inexpensive or even free in some areas through Project ChildSafe, an initiative to promote gun safety.

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Trigger locks don’t require the gun to be locked up in a case, cabinet, or safe and can be quickly put on and taken off of the gun.

They’re also very portable, adding very little weight or bulk to the gun, and are very easy to use.

So why, then, does anyone even bother using anything else?  

Glock Trigger Lock
Glock with Trigger Lock

Disadvantages of Trigger Locks

Well, trigger locks aren’t all good.

For one, trigger locks should never be used on a loaded gun. The bar that connects the two sides of the lock comes far too close to the trigger, and the trigger can easily be hit while the lock is being put on or removed.

Dropping or jostling the gun or even just applying too much pressure while the gun lock is on the gun can result in an accidental discharge.

Negligent Discharge — almost as bad as an accidental discharge.

Trigger locks are also less secure than other forms of gun storage, like a safe or locked case.

Their locks can be easily picked, drilled through, or even pried open with a screwdriver. The same key can also be used on many different locks, even if they’re supposed to be keyed differently.

For these reasons, trigger locks should not be used as a security method for go-to home defense guns. Use a quick-access gun safe instead.

Best Handgun Safes
Best Handgun Safes

Trigger locks are better used as a backup security method for hunting guns or guns reserved for the range.

Best Gun Trigger Locks

Now that we’ve discussed what you should and shouldn’t count on trigger locks for, let’s talk about a few of our favorite trigger locks currently on the market.

1. Master Lock 94DSPT Combination Trigger Lock

Master Lock is somewhat of a go-to brand for trigger locks, and the Master Lock 94DSPT Trigger Lock is one of their most popular.

Master Lock 94DSPT on Glock 19
Master Lock 94DSPT on Glock 19

The94DSPT Trigger Lockhas a durable steel and zinc body and uses a three-digit combination that you can easily set – and reset – yourself.  

Combination locks mean you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a key and can give access to several people without having to get extra keys or store a key in a common location. 

Since you can reset this lock, you can always choose a new combination if you no longer want someone to be able to access the weapon.

The width of the lock can be adjusted using an included ratchet, which allows this trigger lock to fit securely on just about any handgun, rifle, or shotgun.  

Master Lock 94DSPT, Side
Master Lock 94DSPT, Side

A positive locking mechanism keeps the lock secure, and the back of the lock is padded to prevent it from scratching the finish of your guns.

Master Lock also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their firearms products, including the 94DSPT Trigger Lock and our next lock, the Master Lock 90TRISPT Trigger Lock.

Its affordability, ease of use, and durability make it easy for us to call it our Editor’s Pick.


at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

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  • 25% off all OAKLEY products – OAKLEY25

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What’s your take on the Master Lock?

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2. Master Lock 90TRISPT Key d Trigger Locks, Keyed Alike

The same steel and zinc body, adjustable width, and padded back as the 94DSPT Trigger Lock, but with a different locking mechanism.

Instead of a combination, the Master Lock 90TRISPT is a keyed lock with a 4-pin tumbler cylinder to prevent picking.

Best Keyed Trigger Lock

at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

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  • 25% off all OAKLEY products – OAKLEY25

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Available in packs of two or three, the Master Lock 90TRISPT Keyed Trigger Locks are keyed alike, which means that each of the locks included in the set can be unlocked with the same key.  

This adds a lot of conveniences if you want to secure multiple guns, but it also means you can’t give people access to certain firearms and not others unless you use a different locking system.

Like the Master Lock 94DSPT Trigger Lock, this lock can be used on any rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

Master Lock 90DSPT Keyed Trigger Lock, Keyed Differently

While these may look identical to the 90TRISPT above, these locks have a unique feature.


at Palmetto State Armory

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

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  • 25% off all OAKLEY products – OAKLEY25

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So what’s the difference?

As the title implies, each Master Lock 90DSPT is keyed differently. This means each lock you buy will use its unique key.  

While this may be less convenient for you than having a single key for all your locks, it allows you to restrict access to specific guns by providing someone with only the key for the locks on the guns you want them to be able to use.

4. Identilock Trigger Lock

We’ve covered several of the many biometric gun safes on the market before, but Identilock is one of less than a handful of biometric trigger locks currently available.

The Identilock allows you to get a fairly natural drawing grip on the gun while actuating the lock.

The Identilock has a clamshell-type design that closes over the entire trigger area (though the slide and magazine can still be manipulated). This makes it very difficult to pry open.

It is made of high-strength polycarbonate and has a fingerprint scanner on the right side that can be used while gripping the gun.

Best Biometric Trigger Lock

at OpticsPlanet

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons
  • 25% off all OAKLEY products – OAKLEY25

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The position of the fingerprint scanner obviously means that Identilock is not as lefty-friendly. Still, the device unlocks much faster than traditional locks, so you’re still saving time.

Identilock opens in about 300 milliseconds, which is quite literally about the blink of an eye.

Identilock can store up to three prints and will read those three prints from any angle on the scanner as long as the saved portion of the print is on the pad.

Identilock Backup Key
Mechanical Backup Using Dimpled Key

The device has a six-month battery life and charges via a USB-C port. In the event that the battery dies, an included dimpled key that is difficult to replicate can be used as a mechanical override.

Because the Identilock covers the entire trigger area, it doesn’t offer the same versatility as traditional trigger locks. The Identilock is available in five different models, each of which only works on specific handguns.

Final Thoughts

At the time of writing, there had already been 1,290 unintentional shootings in the United States since the beginning of 2022.

Safe, secure gun storage is essential in preventing these shootings and an inherent responsibility that goes along with firearm ownership.  

Okay, this is probably overkill.

Locking up your guns with trigger locks and other gun locks, cases, and safes is a large part of meeting that responsibility.

How do you store your gun? Let us know in the comments below! Have you thought about getting a full on safe? Take a look at our article on the 17 Best Gun Safes For All Budgets!