POTD: Romeo and Juliet By: Hrachya H


This story of Juliet and her Romeo is not a one of woe at all. The Romeo and Juliet of today’s Photo Of The Day bring joy to people behind them and their union allows them to do things that neither could do separately – a perfect relationship, isn’t it?

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OK, enough poetry. What we have today is a picture of a SIG Sauer ROMEO MSR red dot sight with a JULIET3-Micro magnifier mounted on a SIG M400 rifle. SIG sells these two optical devices as a bundle as shown in the pictures but of course, each is available separately too.

POTD Romeo and Juliet (44)

Besides the JULIET3-Micro 3x magnifier, the JULIET family of magnifiers currently includes the slightly larger JULIET3 3x magnifier as well as JULIET4 and JULIET6 magnifiers that as their model names imply, have 4x and 6x magnifications respectively. ROMEO family of red dot sights consists of a bunch of different reflex sights, from micro handgun red dots to rifle-oriented enclosed-emitter sights.

Pictures by SIG Sauer, www.sigsauer.com