POTD: Carl Gustaf M4 Anti-Tank Recoilless Rifle in Baltic Striker 22 By: Eric B


TFB’s Photo Of The Day is here again. Every day we present our readers with at least one photo. The subject is always a firearm of some kind, preferably with a muzzle flash or some action around it. Above you see a Swedish soldier with an 84 mm Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle (8,4 cm Granatgevär M/86) firing a smoke grenade in order to mark targets in the terrain. The photo was taken during Baltic Striker 22 exercise.

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Swedish ground forces under the Southern Military Region brought in British Eurofighter Typhoons to fight targets both on land and at sea. At the same time, the British warplanes were protected by Swedish JAS 39 Gripen jet fighters.

Below: The aircraft are led in by the ground forces’ JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller). A JTAC is a person specially trained to coordinate airspace and direct air combat forces against a specific ground target.

Below: Swedish ground forces under the Southern Military Region, brought in British attack aircraft of the Eurofighter Typhoon type to fight targets both on land and at sea.

Below: Baltic Striker 22 included personnel from a JFIST group (Joint Fires Support Team) from the 32nd Intelligence Battalion.

Images and captions: Felix Sundbäck / Försvarsmakten / Swedish Armed Forces. Source