OFFICER DOWN: Video Shows Decatur, IL Cop Shot Multiple Times Before Decisively Engaging Would-Be Killer By: John Boch

Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Dramatic bodycam and dashcam footage shows a vicious shoot-out between sexual predator Jamontey O. Neal and Decatur, Illinios police officers. Neal shoots two police officers, one repeatedly as he tries to avoid being arrested.

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The Soy City cops did the only polite thing they could when confronted by a perp with murderous intent: they shot back at him. A lot.

That includes the most seriously-wounded officer who was down in the street less than ten feet from the offender, suffering hits to the face, an arm and a leg. Despite his injuries, Sergeant Tim Wittmer not only cleared a malfunction, but got his gun back into action and fired until slide lock to stop his killer.

Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

We are happy to report that Sgt. Wittmer and another officer who was shot in the abdomen both survived their wounds. The two have been released from the hospital since the October 12th incident.

The would-be cop killer, Jamontey Neal didn’t survive his injuries.

The following video shows three bodycam views of the incident plus a dashcam POV. Note that Neal repeatedly claims that he has nothing, but his body language and actions tell a different story.

Obviously the video is NSFW with graphic violence and language.

WAND-TV has a story about the incident . . .

The Decatur Police Department released body cam and dash cam footage from an officer-involved shooting from October 12 that left two officers injured and a suspect dead.  

Two officers were shot and a suspect was killed after a traffic stop turned violent.

The suspect was identified as Jamontey O. Neal, 32, of Decatur, who was pronounced dead at Decatur Memorial Hospital at 12:48 a.m. Wednesday. 

Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Jamontey O. Neal, photo credit Illinois State Police

Around 12:30 am, officers made a traffic stop in the 1300 block of E. Walnut Street. During the stop, shots were fired. DPD said an informant had told them he was in possession of a gun. 

They said Neal had two guns in the car with him. One was underneath of him. Decatur police said that is the one he reached for before opening fire on the officers. 

Like Detroit, Decatur is a once-beautiful city supported by manufacturing and industry.  With many of those jobs now gone, the city has gone downhill especially in its old working-class neighborhoods that have turned into slums. Decatur’s police department tries to keep a lid on the violence.

The Guns Save Life gun rights group I help out with holds meetings just south of Decatur each month and we’ve met a number of current and retired Decatur police officers. They represent some outstanding members of the community, doing their best to protect the good people while helping the bad guys into well-deserved incarceration. In fact, we held our meeting there just hours after this incident.

The officers in the video showed great courage under fire, engaging with a bad guy with murderous intent.

We’re glad and relieved that they all survived the incident and wish them the best with their recovery and coping with the aftermath of using deadly force against another human being. Residents of Decatur are very lucky to have such men standing between them and the criminals in their city.