Anderson (Yes, That Anderson) Launches The Kiger-9c By: Keith Finch

kiger-9c pistol anderson manufacturing glock clone

Everyone in the AR-15 market space has heard the name Anderson Manufacturing. They’re a huge part of the low cost market when it comes to receivers and their introduction of the RF85 coating on the firearms which lowers the lubrication requirements for the rifles (they still need lubrication, I don’t care what their ad type says) and smooth out their operation.

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Now they’re getting into the handgun market.

It’s a… Glock?

It’s a Glock clone, a model 19 styled pistol compatible with Gen3 parts. Gen3 parts existent in plethora levels of volume and have been supported for a long long time. Most of the recent non-Glock Glocks are built on this decades proven design.

Interestingly… these don’t appear optics cut. But I do believe they will be affordable, and that will certainly help.

A basic handgun, built on a proven frame, and with established deep market support, from a company known for their affordable firearms.

What about holsters? This is a handgun afterall.

DeSantis has over a dozen of their models that Anderson worked with them on to assure fit right from launch day. Mini Scabbard, Speed Scabbard, Vanquisher, Variable 87, and more, all ready for a new Kiger-9c to carry.