Liberty Suppressors – Special Edition Mystic X in Woodland Camo By: Eric B


Liberty Suppressors are making a special run of their Mystic X in Woodland Camo, so now you can both hide and be silent! The special run will only include 25 pieces in the classic M81 Woodland pattern custom Cerakote finish. The special edition suppressors will also be individually engraved to denote where it is in the limited series of 25, which could be of interest to collectors. The Mystic X is a multi-caliber suppressor and rated for over 70 different calibers – from .22LR up to .300 Win Mag.

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The price for the 2022 Special Edition Mystic X is $800 – $980 depending on how you configure it.

Here is the announcement for the Woodland Camo Mystic X:

Liberty Suppressors Mystic X in Woodland Camo

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of the new, Limited Edition Woodland Camo version of the Mystic X, Multi Caliber Suppressor!

The Mystic X still offers the same unrivaled caliber versatility, and can be used on .22LR handguns and rifles, 9mm Handguns and submachine guns, and many popular centerfire rifles such as .223 / 5.56, 7.62×39, and .300 Blackout. Only now it is available in a special limited edition Woodland camo Cerakote finish. This special edition run has only 25 units, each marked specifically (e.g., 1 of 25) where it is in the series.

This version is still fully covered by Liberty’s lifetime warranty and still rated for use on over 50 different common use calibers. This version has earned its place in capable hands and is ready for fieldcraft use right out of the box!

No other production silencer today offers that degree of cross platform and caliber versatility. Mystic X utilizes a modular mounting system with a wide variety of mounts available, ensuring it can grow with your sound suppressor needs. The Mystic X can also be disassembled by the user, meaning it can be cleaned and maintained for optimum performance, forever.

With unrivaled versatility, lifetime maintainability/warranty, and top tier sound reduction, the Mystic X is truly one suppressor that fulfills roles others simply can’t. These will go fast, and there are only 25 ever to be made, so don’t wait long.

Here is a direct link to the Mystic X special edition suppressor:

What do you think? Do you prefer dedicated suppressors for each caliber or a multi-caliber?