Video: Shots fired in Bronx by officer after partner run over by carjackers By:


By Ashley Silver
Police1 Staff

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NEW YORK — As the number of violent carjackings rise throughout the country, one New York City officer went to great lengths to stop suspected car thieves who ran over his partner, firing several shots to thwart the getaway.

In the police video shared by Newsweek, viewers can see a marked patrol vehicle with police lights pull up to a Mercedes Benz previously reported stolen in a Bronx neighborhood. As the female officer approached the vehicle to investigate, the occupants quickly pulled off, running over the officer in the process. Her partner then fired several shots at the vehicle as it zoomed out of view.

The car crashed a short distance away and the occupants fled on foot.

The officer was reportedly taken to a local hospital for injuries to her leg but was listed in stable condition.

Newsweek also reported that robberies are up 35.5 percent, assault is up 15.1 percent and grand larceny is up 41.5 percent in New York, according to New York Police Department data.

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