Rosoboronexport To Discuss AK-203 Production At India’s Defexpo 22 By: Matthew Moss


This week sees India’s premier military exposition, Defexpo, get underway in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. One of the attendees is Russia’s Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation, who will be in discussions with Indian officials to finally get production of the AK-203 in India organised.

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Back in 2019, Russia and India embarked on a joint venture – Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited, set up with the goal to produce 750,000 rifles in Uttar Pradesh, India. Rosoboronexport’s director
General Alexander Mikheev gave an update on the production plans in a statement released ahead of Defexpo 22:

“The Korwa Ordnance Factory is ready to start manufacturing Kalashnikov
AK-203 assault rifles by the end of 2022. Our plans include 100% localization of the production of legendary Russian assault rifles in India. In addition, in the future, the joint venture may increase production and modernize production facilities to manufacture advanced rifles based on the Kalashnikov assault rifle platform.”

AK-203 (Rosoboronexport/Kalashnikov Concern)

Rosoboronexport’s statement continues by describing the rifle:

Kalashnikov A-200-series assault rifles are in line with all current trends in small arms technology. They are fitted with integral Picatinny rails for convenient and easy mounting of sights and tactical accessories, enabling the effective use of weapons in various conditions. The rifles have a folding stock. In addition, a number of other ergonomic solutions have been incorporated into them to optimize operation. In particular, they feature a redesigned fire selector and a modified receiver cover. This gives the users the opportunity to fully realize their shooting skills, regardless of their anthropometric data and the availability of a variety of personal gear, outfit and

During Defexpo22, Rosoboronexport intend to discuss the production of the rifles with Indian officials and will also be presenting their range of additional equipment “designed both for customizing the assault rifle
itself and for equipping personnel.” Mikheev added: “Rosoboronexport is ready to discuss
mutually beneficial projects and talk about its exclusive proposals on joint work complying with the terms
of ToT (transfer of technology) imposed by the Indian side.”

Perhaps 2023 will be the year we see Indian production of the AK-203 get underway.