ID These Two Numnutz and Collect $5000 By: Dan Zimmerman


This is a video of a gun store robbery in Ararat, Virginia that took place last weekend. The two Dillingers who broke into Rabbit Ridge Gun Shop and made off with fourteen heaters thought through their caper very carefully. They made sure to wear masks so they couldn’t be ID’d by the store’s security system.

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What apparently they didn’t think of was the license plate on their truck.

If you embiggen the clip above, it looks like it reads CP 1834…or something close to that. Surely the crack G-men at the ATF can run that down, can’t they?

Or not. Maybe Harry and Lloyd were smaht enough to use a stolen plate. You wouldn’t think the ATF would go to the trouble of tweeting this over a week later and offering $5000 for info leading to the pair’s arrest.

If you finger them and collect the bounty, let us know what you plan to do with the cash.