Ga. officer’s patrol vehicle vandalized with LEO inside during wild street takeover By:


By Ashley Silver
Police1 Staff

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ATLANTA — A South Fulton police officer’s patrol car was vandalized while an officer was inside after the officer responded to a dangerous street takeover near Atlanta.

According to 11 Alive News, an officer drove to the scene after receiving several reports of people driving recklessly, doing donuts and performing vehicle stunts in the early hours of the morning.

Once the suspects saw the officer, one individual jumped on the hood of the patrol car, while another began slamming a speed limit sign into the side of the vehicle repeatedly. There were also fireworks shot at the officer according to 11 Alive News.

Some individuals from the same group then attempted to speed away as more officers arrived. Authorities were eventually able to locate 10 suspects and place them under arrest, impounding their vehicles.

The officers involved were not seriously hurt by the attacks.

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