POTD: U.S. Marines in Afghanistan (2009) By: Eric B


Photo Of The Day and we’re back in Afghanistan, towards the end of 2009. Above you see U.S. Marine Sgt. John Hollingsworth, where he is zeroing his weapon at the shooting range in Forward Operation Base Airborne, Afghanistan.

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Below we see a U.S. Marine feeding Falafo, a cat the Marines adopted, inside his compound at Forward Operation Base Airborne, Afghanistan, on October 29. Hollingsworth was assigned to Delta Team, Embedded Training Team 1-12th.

Below: A U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopter flies over Forward Operation Base Airborne, Afghanistan.

Below: A closer look at the equipment.

Below: U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Ricardo Baez, from Houston, Texas, and Sgt. John Hollingsworth, from Jacksonville, Fl., test fire their weapons and conduct fire drills at the shooting range.

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All photos and captions: Staff Sgt. Teddy Wade, Combined Joint Task Force – 82 PAO.