Long Hunter .45 Rodeo By: John Taffin


Coiling Up

Ever since the 1830s, standard single actions have been fitted with flat springs powering the bolt, hand and hammer. Jim changed all of these. The flat hand spring was replaced by drilling the frame for a Ruger-style coil spring, the main spring was replaced with a Lee’s Gunslinger spring for smooth cocking and a fast hammer drop, while a Lee’s Gunslinger wire spring replaces the trigger and bolt spring. This last spring in its original form was the one most likely to break.

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The LHSS Rodeo proved to be quite easy to shoot and also to shoot accurately. There’s absolutely nothing especially attractive about its finish, and in fact when compared to the standard USFA Single Action, we have what may be called a Beauty and Beast scenario. The upside, of course, with the Rodeo was a sixgun ready for hard duty without worrying about scratching a beautiful finish.

The USFA Rodeo has a slightly larger cylinder than the standard Colt Single Action, however this does not put it in the category of accepting the heavy loads of the Ruger Blackhawk. Stoked with 260 grain bullets at 900-1,000 fps it will handle most sixgunning needs.

My most used .45 Colt load of 8 grains of Unique at 903 fps from the Long Hunter Rodeo, places five shots in 11/8? at 20 yards. Along time favorite of .45 Colt sixgunners has been the Elmer Keith designed #454424. Using 8 grains of Unique gives a muzzle velocity of 847 fps and a five-shot group of 11/8?. Either load is probably all you’d ever need.

Long Hunter Shooting Supply not only supplied Perfect Packin’ Pistols, Beater Gun style, in the form of the LHSS Rodeo, they currently offer the same basic Premium Action Job on both real and replica Colts as well as Ruger single actions. Look for other custom touches including such things as squaring the barrel face and setting the barrel/cylinder gap. Every great single-action sixgun deserves a companion levergun and Marlin makes some of the best available. Jim offers custom action work and parts, such as titanium firing pins and replacement springs for Marlin leverguns.

As this is written it’s October in Idaho and there is no more beautiful time nor place on God’s green earth. The mornings are crisp with a touch of frost followed by a warming sun. It’s time to strap on the Rodeo and enjoy life.

For more info: Jim Finch, Long Hunter,
(806) 365-0093, www.longhunt.com

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