Carrying the New Holosun EPS By: Garrett Negen


My experience with Holosun dates back to when I joined my university’s practical shooting team. As I began to practice my shooting skills more seriously, I recognized that I would need to upgrade some of the gear. My selection process up to that point involved sorting my eBay search by price and selecting an option on the first page. I needed to find optics that were a good value and not just cheap. I found that Holosun filled that role well. 

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I believe the main advantage of the EPS over most micro red dots is that it has an enclosed emitter. The front and rear lenses keep moisture and dust from the inside of the optic. I think this is such an improvement over the open emitter designs that act like an open cup for debris while they are being carried. 

I mounted the EPS on my primary carry gun, a Glock 19 MOS. It replaced a Holosun 407c. The EPS has a Holosun “K” series footprint, so I used a C&H Precision plate to adapt it to my MOS slide. Two of the screws that came with the C&H plate were a bit long and needed to be sanded down, but it does a good job holding the optic and it blends well with the slide.

Zeroing this optic was easy. I adjusted the dot to line up with the iron sights and then confirmed zero at the range. I made a couple of adjustments with the small screwdriver on my multitool, and I was zeroed at 15 yards. The windage and elevation are adjusted by flat head screws in 1.5moa increments. A tool is provided.

This is the 6moa model. They are also available in 2moa and circle-dot.

There are a total of 12 brightness settings. The lowest four are intended for use with night vision and are too dim to see with the naked eye. I found that level six of the daylight settings works for most situations. The brightness can be adjusted up or down by two flush-fit buttons on the left side of the optic. The EPS also features Holosun’s shake awake technology. This allows the optic to automatically shut off after a period of inactivity and at the slightest movement, it will come back on at the same brightness setting. I was originally weary of having my optic automatically shut off but after years of using optics with shake awake, I see it as a benefit.

Buttons on the side are what control the brightness levels of the Holosun EPS

The buttons for the brightness adjustment are larger and easier to accidentally press than they were on previous models. Sometimes I would check my pistol and find that the brightness level had changed. One solution for this is to lock out the brightness controls by holding the + button for three seconds until the dot flashes. To unlock them you hold the + button for another three seconds.

With a reported 50,000 hour battery life and shake awake, you won’t have to change the battery very often and it is pretty easy when you do. The EPS uses a single CR1620 battery which is accessible from a port on the right side of the optic. There is no need to remove the optic and lose your zero to change the battery.

The overall size of the EPS is on the smaller side. It is just slightly wider than the frame of my G19 and the top of the optic is less than an inch from the slide. If I had my slide milled for the EPS, instead of using an adapter plate, I could use standard-height iron sights.

The EPS boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating. That means it is certified to operate for at least half an hour at a depth of 9.8ft. I usually don’t swim with my carry piece but, I guess if you watched a bit too much Shark Week and you’re feeling uneasy, that could be an option for you.

Overall, I think this is a good optic and a great addition to Holosun’s product line. It is a great size for EDC, and I have no problem keeping my sight picture clear of obstructions thanks to the closed emitter design. The $390 MSRP is about $100 more than the 407 series of open emitter red dots so you will have to determine if it’s worth the extra cost. Visit to learn more about the EPS or any of their other optics.

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