Frontier Armory Galil Modernization Kits By: Daniel Y


Frontier Armory, an importer of African and European gun parts, has announced two new modernization packages for the original Galil, the Kudu and the Oryx. These kits add additional rail space and other improvements to facilitate use with optics and accessories. Both kits will be available for the longer gas system of the standard (or R4) rifle, or the shorter SAR (R5) carbine.

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The Oryx kit adds Picatinny rails welded to the dust cover and gas tube, as well as a bolt carrier with a horizontal charging handle. Original Galils have a charging handle that extends vertically for easier grasping over the top of the gun. However, this design interferes with most scope rails. The horizontal design allows for the operation of the bolt while an optic is attached to the dust cover, as well as an optional TWS rear sight. Various versions of the kit are planned, ranging from a simple rail install on a customer-supplied dust cover up to the full package. The full kit costs $499.90, and the cheapest option is the railed gas tube alone for $155.99.

NEW Frontier Armory Galil Modernization Kits

Oryx railed dust cover (Image via Frontier Armory)

A limited number of Kudu kits are also in the works. This kit also adds rails to the gas tube and dust cover but uses a slightly different attachment method. A rail is welded to the gas tube and numerous screws help keep the rails in place. The Kudu is made in South Africa, and they are expected to be released in the next few weeks. Prices range from $319.99 to $419.99 depending on the options selected.

NEW Frontier Armory Galil Modernization Kits

Kudu kit (via Frontier Armory)

NEW Frontier Armory Galil Modernization Kits

Kudu kit with an EOTech (via Frontier Armory)From the manufacturer:

What would a modern (South African) Oryx Warfare Group Operator carry? We assume an upgraded Vektor/ Galil rifle. We believe with our upgraded kit we come close to fulfilling the needs of an Oryx Warfare Group Operator.

The Oryx Rifle Upgrade kit is aimed at improving your Galil/ Vektor rifle to fit the needs of the operators of the 21st century. It was designed by a team of Vektor enthusiasts from the US and South African, and is completed with South African parts in the US to uphold US manufacturing standards. All kits are going to be coated.