Video: Deputy nearly run over by own patrol car after driver plows into it By:


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By Ashley Silver

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. — A deputy was nearly run over by his own patrol car when another driver plowed into the back of his vehicle, knocking it toward him as he worked to clear debris from an earlier car crash. The deputy’s K-9 was in the car when the distracted driver pushed the patrol vehicle forward.

FOX 17 News shared dash cam video released by the Logan County Sheriff’s Office that shows Deputy Brent walking alongside the highway kicking debris from the road when his patrol vehicle suddenly lunges forward, with the deputy narrowly avoiding the car’s path.

“No question the Lord was watching over Deputy Brent and K-9 Vahur, who was in the cruiser at the time of the incident,” Sheriff Stephen Stratton said according to FOX 17.

The deputy and his K9 were both unharmed. The driver of the vehicle is reportedly still in the process of recovering.

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