Grendel SRT: KelTec SU-16 Meets Sako Hunting Rifle By: Ian McCollum


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George Kellgren is the brains behind KelTec and all their unorthodox designs. But before he formed KelTec, he created Grendel Inc, where he began his long career in the firearms industry. The first gun that Grendel brought to market was the SRT rifle, a Sako bolt action hunting rifle action mated with an underflowing polymer stock of Kellgren’s design. The stock foreshadows the KelTec SU-16, but with lots of room for refinement.

The SRT was available in four calibers (.22-250, .243, .308, and .358 Winchester) and three barrel lengths (16″, fluted 20″, and 24″) with a magazine capacity of 9+1 rounds. It was produced for about 3 years, and several thousand were made. It was marketed for hunters, but was also purchased by some police agencies.