A Nice Surprise. By: SLG


This past weekend was busy for us here at Pistol-Training.com. On Saturday, JAG and I shot the Cameron Cup at the historical Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club. Sunday, we shot the Show Me Cup at Pioneer Gun Club. JAG had a solid performance and finished strong for the season, despite not having much practice time lately. I came in 3rd in Production Optics at both matches. The nice surprise was that they had bumped me to master class, as I guess my last couple of scores were good enough and I hadn’t realized it.

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Anthony Heinauer, of the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) took first place in Production Optics, while Joe Neuroth, an ICE Agent, took second place. I have beaten Joe in the past, but he just shot better than me and beat me both days this weekend. Heinauer is of course a professional shooter who specializes in Action Pistol and is pretty untouchable at this time.

So, it took a full season of Action Pistol shooting and about 10 matches, but I made it to master while shooting a stock Glock. No one in the sport shoots a Glock, and for good reason. Since the Glock is my main carry gun though, there really isn’t much choice for me. Now I need to shoot a 1900 or better with it to make High Master. I think that will be fairly difficult, but certainly rewarding. On the other hand, maybe an LTT 92 with an SRO would make more sense…

If you want to learn more about Action Pistol, as well as find a club to go shoot it, check out Bulletin X. Below is a short compilation video showing some of the stages from The Cameron Cup and the Show-Me Cup.

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