Gun Rights Policy Conference 2022 By: Alex Cole

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The Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference for 2022 kicked off this past weekend in DFW. There were some great speakers from all areas and backgrounds in attendance offering some hard-hitting facts and insightful points. Big names such as Massad Ayoob, Mark Barnes, Rob Pincus, and more were in attendance. They offered a wealth of insight into the history, current issues, and modern solutions we face now and those we likely will in the years to come.

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If you missed it or were unable to attend, be sure to check out the live stream recordings so you’re aware of the key events taking place.

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Firearms History

The speakers provided excellent examples of the history of firearms in the U.S. Plenty of things that are “controversial” today were completely commonplace back in the day. For example, not only was owning and carrying firearms completely socially acceptable, so was building your own guns and crafting your own ammunition.


Further, companies that supported firearms and the Second Amendment were not ostracized. A portion of the popular clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch started as an outdoor goods company that sold firearms. Additionally, the well-known baseball company, Louisville Slugger, helped manufacture M1 Carbine stocks during WWII. There’s plenty of history of companies manufacturing firearms and firearm parts, especially during times of war. 

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2022
There was a sizable crowd for the 2022 GRPC.

Modern Legislation

Some key points of the new legislation were related to home-building firearms and the possible reintroduction of the Assault Weapons Ban. With the rise in popularity, and availability, of modern 3D printing technology and the simplistic design of the striker-fired pistol, building a firearm is now easier than ever. This poses a new target for gun control advocates.

Additionally, the current POTUS has made it clear he supports reinstating the ’94 Assault Weapons Ban, which was ineffective then and shows no signs of being effective now. This would restrict an individual’s ability to purchase semi-automatic firearms with features like detachable box magazines, pistol grips, collapsable stocks, and other “military” features. Gun-related and violent crimes were on the way down before the 1994 ban, they continued going down after it was passed, and further declined after the ban expired — although there was a proliferation of firearms sold after the ban. Therefore, there is no correlation between a ban on “assault weapons” and lowering gun crimes.

Ashley Hleblensky GRPC
Ashley Hleblensky spoke about the history of firearms in the U.S.

Get Involved

So at this point, if you’re wondering what you can do to help, the simple answer is to be active and vote. It’s important to pay attention to new legislation that gets introduced and non-specific wording that leaves implementation to potential interpretation.

You can also share and highlight instances where firearms were used in self-defense. Far too often, the only portrayal of firearms in the media is when another unfortunate shooting happens by a bad actor. Most people simply aren’t exposed to events where firearms are used by the good guys. It is important to take back and control the narrative so we don’t lose our rights to scare tactics. 

GRPC Massad Ayoob
Massad Ayoob delivered clear and concise thoughts on firearms for self-defense.


It’s hard to understand why some are so against firearms in general. I believe it comes from a lack of exposure and understanding. People tend to fear the unknown. Paraphrasing from Massad Ayoob, guns are just a tool, like a fire extinguisher, to help in the event of an emergency until the professionals can get there. Being armed and prepared can minimize the damage and impact of these tragic circumstances.

It’s no secret that our Second Amendment rights are under attack. Modern thought is turning away from guns, and it’s important that we help counteract that.

What do you think are some of the biggest gun rights issues we face now and in the years to come? Share your answers in the comment section.