POTD: French Navy Soldier with F88 Austeyr By: Eric B


Have you taken your vitamins today? As you know vitamins have several important functions for your body. Some say they are almost as important as a daily dose of TFB’s Photo Of The Day, and we agree of course. Today we’re looking at a really happy French Navy sailor with an F88 Austeyr on the Starboard bridge wing of HMAS Perth, during a cross-deck as part of Exercise Kakadu 2022 (KA22). I’ve never seen this kind of paint on an F88 before, have you?

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Exercise Kakadu 2022 (KA22) has just been conducted in Darwin and the Northern Australian Exercise area (NAXA). The exercise theme was ‘Partnership, Leadership and Friendship’. Exercise Kakadu is a Royal Australian Navy (RAN)-led biennial exercise supported by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Exercise Kakadu 22 is The Royal Australian Navy’s biennial international engagement activity, and involved 16 warships, a submarine, more than 30 aircraft and 3,000 participants from more than 20 countries. Everything began on September 12 with the arrival of 15 vessels in Darwin Harbour.

Exercise Kakadu 22 was concluded on Saturday, September 24.

Photos by LSIS Jarryd Capper, Royal Australian Navy