BREAKING: GLOCK Carbine – CONFIRMED By: Matthew Moss


This week you may have seen a pair of photographs of an AR-15 pattern carbine in FDE shared around the Internet. What set this carbine apart, however, was the intriguing markings on the lower receiver. There have been rumours of a Glock carbine for a number of years but the photos that recently surfaced are our first good look at it.

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Leaked images of Glock carbine

The rifle is marked the GR-115F and has the characteristic Glock logo. According to the first sources that leaked the photos, it is liked to an unspecified UK military requirement. The requirement is possibly linked to the UK’s current program to adopt a new AR-patterned rifle for the recently raised Ranger Regiments in place of the UK’s standard issue SA80/L85 bullpup rifles.

Back in May 2021, we examined the patents filed by Glock for a number of innovative features. Some of those patented features, including the bolt release and forend can be seen in the leaked photos.

Bolt catch patent (EP3835705A1 European Patent Office)

TFB reached out to Glock for comment on the leaked imagery and they confirmed that the carbine was developed for a solicitation.

GLOCK is always in development of future products and technologies through the pursuit of perfection. The image shared is of a product developed for select solicitations and it is not available for the general market at this time.

If the solicitation mentioned by Glock is the UK Ranger Rifle requirement then we’ll find out next year if the Glock entry is selected. TFB will continue to bring you the latest on Glock’s move into the rifle market.