‘We take trade-ins’: Fort Worth PD’s latest police recruitment video may be its best By:


By Police1 Staff

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At a time when law enforcement agencies nationwide are struggling to hire new officers, using humor may help a police department stand out from the crowd. But humor can be tough to pull off and what should result in belly laughs can actually turn out cringeworthy. Fortunately, that is not the case with the latest production from the Fort Worth Police Department, no stranger to creating a viral video or two.

In a police recruitment video released last week, Fort Worth PD takes the time to showcase all the “options” available for an officer joining the agency (and click here if you are interested in applying):

And if you haven’t seen the agency’s “Star Wars” trilogy, check them out below.

First, watch Chewbacca, the agency’s newest Wookiee, conduct traffic stops with his FTO, annihilate the shooting range and scare a fellow recruit half to death during use-of-force training:

Next up, see what happens when the department takes a Stormtrooper to the range:

Finally, Darth Vader proves to be a challenging candidate during his police interview:


The first of our Star Wars trilogy created by the Fort Worth Police Department. #foryou #fyp #starwars #darthvader #fwpd

? original sound – Fort Worth Police Department

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