Tikka T3 and T3x Rifles — Great Choices for Game Hunters By: Editor


October 4th, 2022

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Tikka T3 and T3x Rifles — Great Choices for Game Hunters

Tikka T3 Review new zealand hunting scotland varmint rifle

Hunting season is underway around the country. If you need a good hunting rifle, consider a Tikka. The Tikka T3 and newer T3x rifles are very popular with hunters around the globe — for good reason. These rifles offer smooth-running actions, easy sub-MOA accuracy with good ammo, crisp triggers, and ultra-reliable detachable box magazines. The Tupperware stocks aren’t super-rigid, but they are comfortable and easy to handle. If you are looking for a hunting rifle, the Tikka T3 and T3X models are smart choices, offering good performance for the price (starting at $649.99 for the T3X Lite version). The T3 series is offered in a wide selection of chamberings, from .204 Ruger up to the large magnums.

Here are three good Tikka T3/T3x video reviews. The first, from the popular Backfire YouTube channel covers the features of the Tikka T3 series. The second and third videos are from New Zealand and Scotland respectively. Both reviewers are experienced hunters who explain why the T3 is well-suited for hunting applications. These videos cover the T3’s controls and how to use the rifle most effectively during a hunt.

VIDEO One — Why the Tikka T3x Is Great for Hunting

With 550,000+ subscribers, the Backfire Channel is one of the most popular gun channel on YouTube. You can trust what the Backfire reviewer say because they pay their own money for the products they review. This video reviews Tikka’s current generation T3s rifle. Backfire had high praise for Tikka T3x rifles: “The Tikka T3x SL is an incredibly lightweight mountain rifle that should be in every hunter’s safe. We like it for its lightweight build, stainless steel barrel, superb trigger, and surprisingly accurate shooting. Overall, this is the hunting rifle we recommend more frequently than any other.”

VIDEO Two — Tikka T3 Controls and Function

In this video, New Zealander Mitch of BushBrothersNZ reviews a T3 with polymer stock and stainless barrel chambered for the .270 Win. Mitch focuses on the T3’s controls and functions, with particular attention to the operation of trigger, safety, and bolt.

VIDEO Three — Report from Scotland with .223 Rem Tikka T3

In this video, David, a hunter and wilderness skills teacher from Scotland, demonstrates the features (and remarkable accuracy) of a factory Tikka T3, chambered in .223 Remington. With David’s handloads, this rifle has grouped just over an inch at 250 yards, as shown near the end of the video.

Tikka Fox HuntingTikka Fox Hunting

David uses his rifle primarily for fox-hunting (often done at night). He employs a variable-power scope with an illuminated reticle to target his night-time prey. David offers many tips for predator hunters. He prefers an extra-high Harris bipod. With the bipod’s legs fully extended, he can assume a comfortable and solid sitting position. The rifle is supported on his shoulder and on the bipod, leaving both of his hands free. Being able to support the rifle without gripping it is a major advantage, David explains. This frees his hands to search for animals with binoculars or scan distances with his rangefinder.

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