A Glock AR-15 Rifle? It Sure Looks Like It By: William Lawson


The interwebs have exploded the last couple of days over leaked photos of a new Glock AR-15 rifle. It seems the Austrian gunmaker has submitted a prototype for the new British Special Operations Brigade Alternate Individual Weapon System (AIWS) trials, along with many other companies.

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Glock Rifle
Is this a for real Glock AR-15? Many folks think so.

Glock rifle rumors have been around for a while, but patent drawings surfaced last year, seemingly confirming those rumors. Some questioned why Glock would make an AR-15 instead of something more innovative. Perhaps they knew a major AR contract was coming up, since the British AIWS specifications call for “A 5.56mm Armalite Rifle (AR) platform.”

The Glock Rifle Looks Real

The leaked photos have been analyzed, and many knowledgeable folks believe them to be genuine. Specifically, the following features appear to match known Glock rifle patents:

  • Bolt catch
  • Magazine catch
  • Upper and lower receiver geometry
  • Charging handle
  • Barrel-rail interface
  • Additionally, the rifle appears to have a quick detach handguard, which would be necessary for Glock’s patented adjustable gas system.

Another clue supporting the photos’ authenticity is that the rifle meets the British Army’s AIWS requirements, including ambidextrous controls, select-fire capability (note the auto sear pin), being suppressor ready, and the 4x optic with CQB battle sight. It even has the correct number of M-Lok slots.

Glock Rifle AR-15 pattern
The rifle’s features match British Army requirements as well as known Glock rifle patents.

Most telling of all is the prominent Glock logo on both sides of the receiver, the handguard, and the dust cover. The model is designated “GR-115F.” “GR” likely means “Glock Rifle.” Duh. Of course, the logo is easily photoshopped. But the other features indicate that this thing is real.

On a side note, Glock is not initially listed among the companies invited to participate in the trials, but things change.

Receiver logos
The logos could be photoshopped, but matched with the other evidence, they look genuine.

A New British Army Spec Ops Unit

The British Army’s new Special Operation Brigade will consist of four Ranger Battalions. The unit’s role is “to operate in complex, high threat environments below the threshold of war alongside specialized Partner Forces to deliver operational insights and effects.” The brigade “can be authorized to operate at higher risk beyond the remit of conventional forces.”

Some British special ops units already use AR-style rifles, and it’s known that the Brits want to replace the less-than-stellar Enfield L85 bullpup rifle.

A Glock Rifle: Time Will Tell

These photos are all we have right now, but they are enticing. Whether Glock wins the trials or not, the apparent effort put into this rifle indicates a rollout to law enforcement and civilian markets in the United States.

Glock rifle GR-115F designation
Time will tell if the GR-115F rifle is the real deal.

And let’s be honest, the Glock fanbois would be beating each other over the head to line up for this one. Yes, you would. The only thing that makes me wonder is the pistol grip’s angle. It clearly doesn’t align with “Glock Perfection.”

Either way, this bears watching, and we’ll stay on top of it. So, what do you think? Would you be all over a Glock AR-15, or are they too late to the party? Hit us up in the comments.